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Anyone else feel the earthquake a minute ago around the Southern area of Ontario (GTA)?

Lasted about 10 seconds. Wasn’t that big, but was big enough to be felt. I’m interested in seeing how far this earthquake reached.

Edit: Earthquake felt all the way in Buffalo, Albany, and Pittsburgh!

Edit#2: Earthquake also felt in Montreal and Ottawa!

Edit#3: Felt near Lake Huron (Bruce County) and North Bay! Wow!

Edit#4: Reports of earthquake felt from Ontario to all the way in Michigan and Ohio!

Edit#5: Reaching all they way down to Vermont and Massachusetts?!

Video Footage of the Earthquake:


Tiger Woods Implodes, “Im Stroking My Driver” Sex Jokes Ensue

December 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Tiger what happened? You went from a simple car crash to media frenzy and the front page of in less then 24 hours, well if you don’t know the story by now let me wrap it up for you with these simple bullet points.

  • Tiger crashes car (minor crash, wasn’t traveling over 30)
  • Praised wife for getting him out of car (smashed windows supposedly to “Save Him”)
  • Car was hardly damaged, the drivers side was fine  (no signs of him not being able to get out)
  • Less then 48 hours later, an affair story leaks out
  • Turns this whole situation into a mess
  • Tiger swiftly gives apology and says affair has gone on for 2 1/2 years

I don’t know who to feel more bad for Tiger for having this affair story come out at a very bad time, or his wife who has been cheated on for two and a half years. Not only has Tiger lost some of that perfect athlete reputation, he has also been ridiculed in the way of several YouTube videos and a few new advertisements. I personally don’t really care about Tiger’s affair I’m just more worried of how his image is somewhat damaged after a car crash and a tabloid publishing a true story for once. Sure I feel bad for Tiger’s wife, but reports have circulated that she’s confronted the person Tiger had an affair with. So Im sure this was already known a little before this incident, so I don’t feel like she’s been in the dark the whole time.

Now let’s just hope this doesn’t turn out to be the Alex Rodriguez  if you remember right that Alex unlike Tiger was actually seen with prostitutes first in Toronto in 2007. Then about a year later they separated, and a mere seven months later and A-Rod who was at the aimed to be the clean home run leader in the Major League Baseball had been caught. He admitted to anabolic steroid use or basically cheating in baseball, now I’m just saying it seems a little similar to Tiger’s story except without the exception of a car crash. You just got to pray that a similar story doesn’t happen to Tiger. I know it may not be the most convincing argument but I got a hunch it could go that way.

So Hot And Fresh

There’s something about a good advertisement that makes you want to watch it over and over again. Unfortunately there are not many commercials running these days that made me wish I had TiVo. But alas, as I say, if wishes were fishes, the world would be an ocean. So unless you’ve all got swimming goggles out, I’d say you change channels during commercial breaks

But I for one have always been interested in watching these commercials, because through them I realize that whether our society is going down, or have they learned some form of lesson. Either way, commercials have become to television, what disappointment has to Maple Leaf fans. We all remember good and bad ads we’ve seen on TV, including one horrible rendition of Obama to sell motor vehicles (with that slogan: “Yes we can…sell you good automobiles”). So anyways, I’m going through commercials during the break for one of my favourite movie of all time (Carlito’s Way) and I see an advertisement that I had vaguely seen the last 3 seconds of, earlier in the day. So from those few moments, I decide to watch the entire commercial and man, all I can say is: AWESUMM!!!!

I’ve always preferred Subways over other such fast-food places, but thanks to this ad, I’m convinced to at least give Quizno’s a try. Only once in my life before have I considered an ad that has made me want to actually purchase something. So, major props to Quiznos marketing-team for understanding what modern consumers with good taste, such as moi, want in a TV advertisement and for delivering a solid one.

YouTube battling ‘Porn Day’ campaign


I took the title of this post and the article straight out of CNET. The link is provided here:

Other articles for my collection, can be found at the end of this post. Due to rules 1 & 2, I cannot  disclose a lot of information, so the article shall help me explain it. As for the article, here it is. In my opinion, epic success; and the lulz has succeeded.

YouTube was busy deleting porn videos on Wednesday after users of forums at a rival site and an imageboard site declared a “Porn Day” campaign against the popular video service.

The forums at video site eBaum’s World and 4chan organized the mass porn “carpet bombing” on YouTube, according to Ars Technica.

YouTube has been removing the videos as fast as it can, but even videos that are removed are still showing up in search results with explicit images in the thumbnails, the report said.

It could take a couple of days for all the explicit results to be removed from the search results, Google spokesman Scott Rubin told Ars Technica.

In a phone interview with CNET News late on Wednesday, Rubin said that in addition to the porn videos were removed as soon as community members alert YouTube to them, certain channels where the posters were bragging about the campaign and listing the videos were being disabled.

“This group of pranksters thought it would be funny to load a bunch of porn to YouTube,” he said. “This is an unfortunate, and I think poorly directed, prank. I think our systems are doing really well at removing content that violates the guidelines.”

And this is my favourite article so far:

But there’s more, BBC never fails to make me laugh. The video in the article and what the reporter is saying is excellent. She and other news outlets easily believe the people they are talking to. The reporter speaks about “Flonty” and believes, so well, that he really is indeed 21 and from Germany. The Internet Is Serious Business.

“I am 12, and what is this?”

–  Internet child (who, couldn’t possibly be a 12 year due to such proper grammar and spelling) searching for Jonas Brothers videos.

Red Eye For The Alcoholic?

March 26, 2009 2 comments

As many of you fellow Canadians may have heard, the host of a late night FOX show Greg Gutfeld completely insulted Canada with his fellow peers. The show is called Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld, and airs at 2:00 AM on FOX (only because it barely ever gets any viewers) and in a segment a few days ago he insulted Canadian soldiers with foul mockery. Here is a YouTube link from CBC where you can watch the Canada-bashing segment.

Ahh America, your constant stupidity that is fed through FOX News is just utterly, unimaginable. I don’t find it as insulting as most Canadians may, only because with all the debating I’ve done against Americans, all of their arguments arise from FOX News fed fodder. It is not new news to me. So it doesn’t surprise me that such stupidity can exist on FOX about even us Canadians. Gutfeld misinterpreted the words of Canadian General Andrew Leslie by saying that Canada is taking a year off from Afghanistan, when in actuality Leslie only mentioned that the military will require a small breather once it pulls out of Afghanistan.

Although with four dead and heroic Canadian soldiers returning to Canada, Gutfeld can keep on insulting Canada in our time of grief.  There is a time when sarcasm and humour exists in a light way to create some laughs, but what Gutfeld did was far from a joke, it was much too serious. For myself, while I was watching the video, I was appalled by the idiocy showed by the people on Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld. The funniest thing I found in the video was that, these idiotic Americans speak of themselves as being strong and victorious, when in seven years, they did nothing to help Afghanistan except turn it into rubble and have not won the war in Iraq. Canada was in World War One and Two before the Americans and we made tremendous victories. The Canadian military is not to be taken so lightly.

This “satirical play on news” came at a most inappropriate time. But that is FOX for you, ladies and gentlemen. When Obama is attempting to change the country, ill-informed idiots continue to ruin what image is left of America. I think what Gutfeld really needs, is a black eye.

The full video of the segment is here: