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Vancouver loses a cup; riots ensue

It’s been almost three hours since the end of the Stanley cup 2011 final, as the Boston Bruins annihilated the Vancouver Canucks by 4-0 lead.

After such a loss, Vancouver and its die-hard hockey fans stormed to the street and began rioting. People are being injured left and right, cars are being set on fire, and civilians are taking this opportunity to become criminals and loot commercial stores and local shopping malls.

Such behaviour on behalf of Vancouver is absolutely ridiculous. All of Vancouver, especially the rioters, should be ashamed of themselves and what they are doing. As a Canadian fan rooting for the Canucks to win tonight, I do not hate Boston and therefore, Boston fans should not be hunted down and fatally injured by rioting.

I am unable to describe my disappointment in my fellow Canadians.

What Vancouver lost tonight was simply a hockey game – and it has now turned into Vancouver losing all respect for a beautiful city and its people. Good-bye, Vancouver – soon you will sink into the sea.

I am currently watching the live stream of the riots in Vancouver on CTV’s website:


For The Sake Of Deprivation

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment

I have realized since the beginning of summer that it is hard to live a life of insane amounts of, well no sleep. You could say it was as an idiot mistake to make to assume that 30 minutes to an hour of sleep to last me 40 hours would be a bad idea. But I still went through with it, because the facts are I just didn’t sleep and half the time I couldn’t. It all started in September when my bed broke, I was sleeping on the couch and eventually just took my mattress and stuck it straight on the floor of my basement bedroom. Note to self, it was even colder only a 50cm difference between the bed and the floor it was terrible I found myself wrapped in blankets and sheets even though it was warm throughout the house. It didn’t take long before not sleeping effected the way I acted in school a lot of people assumed I was dead half the time.

It didn’t take long before I fell asleep in class, the feeling of waking up at the end of class not knowing what the homework had been and having people saying that only a couple of people noticed I had fallen asleep. Listening to music from the likes of Lou Reed to Breaking Benjamin to Mos Def I just had a hard time running my everyday life, I’d doze off out of nowhere. Felt like I woke up in a different place but in fact I was the same place I was when I fall asleep it was like the protagonist in Fight Club. I could say it a million times that I wasn’t tired but my body was simply shutting down half the time and I would try ignore the feeling that seemed to always kick in. At almost exactly eleven a.m. I would feel a feeling of tiredness to move my legs to move anything and even on school days this was very annoying.

Then it happened a moment of realization, last week on Thursday when my school had an early release day (meaning we get out 4 hours earlier) I had totally blanked out after having a shower, I woke up like five o’clock in the afternoon my eyes heavier then how my legs had felt. I looked at the clock and literally yelled the word “Fuck” Three times, I had missed not one but two tests and it was a moment that the insomnia had gotten me, it had made me stay up and it had made me fall asleep in the morning. My dad had thought I was dead nearly, alarm ringing all day my phone going off as well with about 20ish text messages missed. It was terrible and that was the day I decided I should change for the better of things, to put an end to the insomnia once and for all.

But the other fucked up thing was when I tried to go to sleep, by reading countless articles on WikiHow almost like self help articles I had conquered it averaging about 8 hours of sleep on the weekdays and 12 on the weekends (which is way too much) But I’m glad that I can finally carry out a conversation without nodding off, I still look dead in the morning. But Im secretly a zombie, so it’s all good.

The Decaying Business Of Movie Trailers

October 1, 2009 Leave a comment

There is something about movie trailers now a days that gets me , the ones that make you want to go but they are the exact same ones that give away the whole movie. This post was inspired by a trailer for a movie called “Brothers” I won’t go into detail on what happens in the trailer or the plot of the movie because it’s given directly away by the trailer. At the end of the trailer I can tell you the reason you will most likely go see this movie “To see if Tobey Maguire’s character lives or not” That’s the only viable reason to see the movie depsite the fact, that you need something to watch and it might be the only decent thing playing. To be honest the movie looks like a bunch of horse shit (pardon my Russian there) anyways I want things to change in the movie trailer business.

I want a movie that captivates you without giving away key parts of the movie, and without giving away most of the plotline. Now even though that is how most movies make their money, as well as the fact that they show key scenes from the movie like the funiest parts, scariest or ones with the most action in them. I want the movie trailers that captivate you to go see it because they appear mysterious, their different and they want you to find out what this movie is about. Sort of like Cloverfield before the first trailer, the poster was up and everyone wondered what it was it was a genius marketing campaign. I want the movies that don’t need some voice or narrator (unless its Morgan Freeman, beceause he is pwn in ANYTHING) to advertise the movie.

Something that has a music track, maybe some voice from the movie, and something that makes me wonder. Also that doesn’t give away the whole plot, the sad thing is this blog post won’t change things. (Inspired by going to the movies, and my obvious absence from the blog)


September 28, 2009 2 comments

This is a specific rant against commercials. And for this topic, I am going to use the upcoming box office movie ‘Zombieland” as an example. A movie where all of America is run down by zombies – and only a lone band of adventurers fight their way through and at the same time, have fun doing it.

I’ve seen the movie. Yes, ladies and gentlemen – I have seen this movie a week before it actually comes out. Did I watch it illegally? Did I get a leaked version? Am I so awesome that I can do anything in this world? Unfortunately, I am not that awesome.

I in fact did not get an illegal copy. But I got quite a legal one – in bits and pieces. I call it, ‘commercials’. I hate them, and yet I love them. But for the topic of this post, I absolutely detest them. I have seen so many commercials and scenes from the actual Zombieland film that I have pieced all of them together and I now claim that I have seen the whole movie.

Commercials have absolutely destroyed the movie for me! And they do it to all kinds of movies! The good parts are always broadcasted on television that the rest of the movie is only good to watch for the cast or the storyline. Unfortunately for Zombieland, it is a comedy film. Once the best jokes are out, there isn’t much left. And I am not going to watch this movie now.

Had the advertisements been different, I might still have watched the movie. Perhaps the ads are to be blamed for audiences not going out of their way to purchase a ticket for an upcoming movie. Piracy also causes damage, but there tons of other holes where the money is slipping.

Now I know that zombie enthusiasts will still go out and watch Zombieland, but I feel that there will be no enjoyment left in the movie. I agree that everyone knows this movie is coming out, but at the same time everyone knows what the movie is about to offer.

That sort of wraps up my rant. It wasn’t very good – but at least it was rant-ish. Again, sorry for being MIA. I will be for a bit longer – sorry for any inconvenience!


This clip was taken from a CNN news report, showing a  van being caught in a motor accident. And all the passengers escaping out of the vehicle, in order to avoid being caught as they were illegal immigrants. Watch the video and explain this: Are stereotypes just ignorant, or do they actually have a stem of reality supporting them?

This Kid Gets His Life Ruined By Challenging Anonymous

July 20, 2009 Leave a comment

What a fool, and an insult to Christianity. Look at the comments they have everything.. LOL

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Nothing, honestly….

gue–gu–*scratch*gues–*scratch**scratch* Guess Whoz Biz-ack!!!

Well back from my 2 month break, for I was worried about my education and too busy writing other people’s essays to concentrate on my own life and success…but hey isn’t everyone like that?…

Now on to the topic on hand. Ahmed forced me to become the Wednesday lord, so on my domain I press these holy words upon thou, unto them follow ye mortals:

There is nothing more to say!

What i mean by this statement is, our world is increasing in the blogosphere and internet galaxy’s ‘pundits’. Some are ‘stars’, shining brightly, able to achive a name and status, while others are ‘blackholes’, sucking up all the fun and brightness out of your life. Point is that our world is being taken over by news from the people who believe that their opinions are totally valid and need to comment on things that they may have no scope of interest in or any variable knowledge about.

Case-in-point: Twitter

Now i am all for expressing your thoughts. I do so too, especially when I yell out the window of my car at people while driving. But fellow readers, do we really need to inform everyone about what we are thinking? Yes, I know it’s voluntary. And yes, I know that it’s your own choice to read it or not. But why do people believe that their opinions have some form of merit for others and would love to know every single thing about them? Twitter is the biggets manifestation of Narcissism, and inflation of one’s Ego. I mean, personally I love the idea of being able to read people’s mind, but I don’t want to tread across someone twittering “Went to female doctor. Had nice sexy legs. Secretary a bitch. Doctor still too hot!! =D”

And I have read something like this, true story. Don’t belive me? Swear to God!

My general point is this: There’s too many opinions. We all go around stuffing people’s throat with our shackling thoughts. Well I for one have nothing to say to them. I started out this topic, with…well, nothing to say, and still have nothing to say. This shows that you don’t always need to say something all the time to be considered relevant. You just have to sometimes go with the flow, wherever it takes you. Just be open to things and sometimes go: “Hey! I don’t wanna know why you’re stuffing peanut butter down your pants. I am an individual, thank you very much!”

So to all these people who are bombarding the ‘information super highway’ with useless, pointless and even boring information I say : Cease and Desist

For this blog was created to acknowledge the society that has given us this method. Please, let’s all be smart and not go around spreading and reading others thoughts like teleknesis. Because if we could all do that, everone would be named a principal defendant in a class action law-suit by Marvel.