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Vancouver loses a cup; riots ensue

It’s been almost three hours since the end of the Stanley cup 2011 final, as the Boston Bruins annihilated the Vancouver Canucks by 4-0 lead.

After such a loss, Vancouver and its die-hard hockey fans stormed to the street and began rioting. People are being injured left and right, cars are being set on fire, and civilians are taking this opportunity to become criminals and loot commercial stores and local shopping malls.

Such behaviour on behalf of Vancouver is absolutely ridiculous. All of Vancouver, especially the rioters, should be ashamed of themselves and what they are doing. As a Canadian fan rooting for the Canucks to win tonight, I do not hate Boston and therefore, Boston fans should not be hunted down and fatally injured by rioting.

I am unable to describe my disappointment in my fellow Canadians.

What Vancouver lost tonight was simply a hockey game – and it has now turned into Vancouver losing all respect for a beautiful city and its people. Good-bye, Vancouver – soon you will sink into the sea.

I am currently watching the live stream of the riots in Vancouver on CTV’s website:


Hey Is That Chris Bosh? Jump The Line!

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Misleading title is meant to be a little misleading but I assure you this has to do with several athletes. It started off with the Calgary Flames jumping the line so them and their families could get the H1N1 vaccine early. Now they shouldn’t even be getting considering the H1N1 shot was for priority groups only, but the likes of Jarome Iginla, and Dion Phanuef have become priority. Those priorities to the H1N1 shot include pregnant women, children between the age of 6 months and 5 years, people under the age of 65 with chronic conditions and those living in remote communities. Now I thought that this would be the only time we heard of a sports team jumping the line so to speak.

But, today it was reported both the Toronto Raptors, and the Toronto Maple Leafs had athletes receive the shot now this is just plain outrageous considering the suspected death of a two month old baby by H1N1. The Maple Leafs should feel even more disgraced to the city of Toronto and the province of Ontario especially with their mediocre start to the NHL season. Seriously these athletes are making more then a million a year for most of them, and I think any one of the athletes who went early should be fined. Maybe $10,000 dollars or some amount that seems feasible because their are tons of people who get seriously ill and could die. They didn’t deserve their shots early its as simple as that.

So Hot And Fresh

There’s something about a good advertisement that makes you want to watch it over and over again. Unfortunately there are not many commercials running these days that made me wish I had TiVo. But alas, as I say, if wishes were fishes, the world would be an ocean. So unless you’ve all got swimming goggles out, I’d say you change channels during commercial breaks

But I for one have always been interested in watching these commercials, because through them I realize that whether our society is going down, or have they learned some form of lesson. Either way, commercials have become to television, what disappointment has to Maple Leaf fans. We all remember good and bad ads we’ve seen on TV, including one horrible rendition of Obama to sell motor vehicles (with that slogan: “Yes we can…sell you good automobiles”). So anyways, I’m going through commercials during the break for one of my favourite movie of all time (Carlito’s Way) and I see an advertisement that I had vaguely seen the last 3 seconds of, earlier in the day. So from those few moments, I decide to watch the entire commercial and man, all I can say is: AWESUMM!!!!

I’ve always preferred Subways over other such fast-food places, but thanks to this ad, I’m convinced to at least give Quizno’s a try. Only once in my life before have I considered an ad that has made me want to actually purchase something. So, major props to Quiznos marketing-team for understanding what modern consumers with good taste, such as moi, want in a TV advertisement and for delivering a solid one.