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Goodbye Is Hard

So today I finally dropped off my sister at the airport. And… She left for her flight and called to say that everything went well…

I learned something today though. How to say “goodbye.” People have said goodbye to me so many times and I never ever ventured to see how they felt until now. It was so difficult to say goodbye to her and emotion kept creeping up. Even as I type this I miss her just so much. I came home and actually looked in her room; which was completely empty and I told myself that this is still her home, and she will be back one day. Was hard to keep the tears in, I managed though.

I gave her a goodbye/good luck card and a gift. A necklace with different coloured/shaped stars which I hope she liked. And… Late last night, thanks to a friend that I whined to about this, I was finally able to tell my sister that I’d miss her and blah blah blah.

Really. I think I’ll be all right <.<

A good lesson learned for me though. And to any readers, never take anything for granted, and if you do; please say thanks. I learned that the hard way.

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