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The end?

Hey guys. If anyone has been coming by lately, you might have noticed that this blog is rarely being updated. Very much so my fault as I’ve been very tardy and just have not had the inspiration to write much. Therefore, I’m calling an end to The Random Muses and moving on towards a new project.

This project will hopefully allow me to reach my aspirations in Journalism and also assist me to grow by leaps and bounds and perhaps find potential employers in the future. My new blog is located at:

You are welcome to join me and very welcome to follow me along. My new blog will be a bit more professional aimed at writing original and more newsy pieces. I may or may not be updating this blog from time to time, but it all depends on how it goes.

It has been two years of blogging (perhaps even a year or a year and a half with the slow updating, haha), but I think it is time for an end. It has been an amazing experience, a great lesson in writing, and definitely something I won’t forget. Thanks for coming to my blog, thank you for keeping up with the blog, thank you for reading, and thanks for all your support.

From the whole TRM team; Askar, Daniel, and Adrian, good-bye!

– Ahmed S. Minhas

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Goodbye Is Hard

So today I finally dropped off my sister at the airport. And… She left for her flight and called to say that everything went well…

I learned something today though. How to say “goodbye.” People have said goodbye to me so many times and I never ever ventured to see how they felt until now. It was so difficult to say goodbye to her and emotion kept creeping up. Even as I type this I miss her just so much. I came home and actually looked in her room; which was completely empty and I told myself that this is still her home, and she will be back one day. Was hard to keep the tears in, I managed though.

I gave her a goodbye/good luck card and a gift. A necklace with different coloured/shaped stars which I hope she liked. And… Late last night, thanks to a friend that I whined to about this, I was finally able to tell my sister that I’d miss her and blah blah blah.

Really. I think I’ll be all right <.<

A good lesson learned for me though. And to any readers, never take anything for granted, and if you do; please say thanks. I learned that the hard way.

Tough Time

This is a tough time for me right now…

My sister leaves in two days for medical school half a world away. Until this point, I’ve never felt the tiniest feeling of missing her. We’re the kind of siblings that never hug or say “I love you”, or maybe that’s common between siblings. We’re always rivals, on the surface we hate each other, but deep down, we really love each other.

I also know that I’ve hurt her in the past, and that I’ve never meant to do such a thing. I want to tell her that I’m sorry. I want to tell her so badly, that I’m going to miss her so much. And as her brother I want to hold her so much, because I won’t see her for perhaps a year. Or maybe loner. I worry for her and her safety in a completely new area, of which she knows little to nothing about.

I know that I’m an overprotective brother, although I control myself as to not meddle in her life. I know that if I were the one leaving, I wouldn’t feel anything of missing anyone or anything. But something tells me that she’s going to be quite sad, which can be understood.

I really don’t know how to convery my feelings to her right now. I keep telling her that I’ll tell her before I leave her at the airport. But I know that I’ll be such a coward that I won’t even say half the things I want to. I know what to do, but I can’t bring myself to it.

I wish her the best of luck in her studies and in her future, and to always keep in touch. Although I might not tell you in person, but hope that I do, I’m sorry for whenever I have hurt you. I never meant to, I’m sorry for March. Please forgive me.

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