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The end?

Hey guys. If anyone has been coming by lately, you might have noticed that this blog is rarely being updated. Very much so my fault as I’ve been very tardy and just have not had the inspiration to write much. Therefore, I’m calling an end to The Random Muses and moving on towards a new project.

This project will hopefully allow me to reach my aspirations in Journalism and also assist me to grow by leaps and bounds and perhaps find potential employers in the future. My new blog is located at:

You are welcome to join me and very welcome to follow me along. My new blog will be a bit more professional aimed at writing original and more newsy pieces. I may or may not be updating this blog from time to time, but it all depends on how it goes.

It has been two years of blogging (perhaps even a year or a year and a half with the slow updating, haha), but I think it is time for an end. It has been an amazing experience, a great lesson in writing, and definitely something I won’t forget. Thanks for coming to my blog, thank you for keeping up with the blog, thank you for reading, and thanks for all your support.

From the whole TRM team; Askar, Daniel, and Adrian, good-bye!

– Ahmed S. Minhas

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Hello 2010!

2009 is officially past us. A double digit decade is now upon us and with that, resolutions! What’s your resolution? My resolution is to be a better person. Simple enough =)

Two big things are happening this year! The Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup! Oh man, this year is going to be exciting!

A Happy New Year to everyone! Have a safe holiday!

The Summer Trail

August 28, 2009 Leave a comment

My mind begins to flow with the sheer excess of a loss paper trail
This was not one created by work, school or mail
This was created by the one thing that pushes me over the rail
A loss for words, loss for water to fill the pale
Whether the winds be as strong as a breeze or a gale
Trying to capture the moment for a better tomorrow
Maybe a better day is out there to borrow
Would it just stop the drowning of my sorrow?

The summer draws near its grim end
The road takes the bend, and friendships are in need of amends
Its hard to fix the life your forced to live due to sheer disrespect
The particles of life float around around the curves and bends
Its hard to go on living this way, every single day
Its hard to not let go of a friendship when you’ve been left to fend
Would it be wrong or it would be right?
To put my best friends permanently out of sight?

Two In One!

This first poem is basically remembering the friendship and desiring for it to return before a relationship or a breakup ever occurred which left both parties feeling distanced.


How long has it been since we loved each other?
Your flair and my fragrance compiled together.

How long has it been since we talked to each other?
I’ve tried to interest you but you take no notice.

I care not for the love that stopped between us,
All I care now is for you to acknowledge me.

I don’t care what you do with your life,
I just want us to be friends yet again.


This poem is simply about the jealousy of watching a friend be close to the girl you’ve broken up with very recently as you and the girl just cannot talk amidst the awkwardness.


~ What’s with you?
You know the past of my life and her’s,
You know the problems I face even now,
What’s your problem?
Do you have to remind me of the pain,
Should I desperately commit suicide?
Stop mentioning her name,
Don’t mention the fact that you can say hello,
While I sit here listening to you brag about it.