Pac-Man: 30th Anniversary

If any of you fine ladies and gentleman have turned up to Google’s homepage, you’ll notice something interesting. It’s Pac-Man! If you have further inquired like I have, you’ll notice that the logo not only says GOOGLE, but it’s actually a game!

It happens to be Google’s first playable doodle, and in honour of Pac-Man, that’s what they’ve done. If you even want to play with Ms. Pac-Man, click “Insert Coin” and use the WASD keys on your keyboard to control her! (Pac-Man is then controlled by the regular directional keys.)

So rediscover your 8-bit memories from that long-time-ago. It’s up for the next 48 hours, so… WAKA WAKA WAKA! (Translation: Have fun!)

Google's Homepage

I didn’t make it past level one. But that’s because I’ve always sucked at Pac-Man. This time, I’ll get to level two!


Sing us a song and we’ll sing it back to you.

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15 letters, 5 syllables, 6 vowels, and 9 consonants; who knew that they could take up so much time?
Vague as it may be, I’m sure that we’ve all experienced it, the sweet siren song of procrastination. I mean here I am, its 1:43AM, Saturday morning, I casually gaze out the common room window to see nothing but the bright white office buildings reflecting the glow from the lights at Dundas Square. There’s something about this moment that doesn’t quite seem right though, the sad thing about it is that I know exactly what’s wrong; I am about 7 hours and 15 minutes away from an exam that I SHOULD be furiously studying for.

One major problem seems to be that I’ve completely lost all motivation to do any work anymore. I find myself looking for something, ANYTHING to distract me at even the best of times. I’ve had this week to study for the two exams I have this weekend (one of which was completed yesterday), and I had planned to study 2 days solidly for each, however; something always seemed to come up just as I was to sit down to study. Such as a movie at 3 AM, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but in retrospect, only served to make me more tired for the next day’s worth of “studying”.

Even now, as I write this post, in the painstakingly slow manner I usually adhere to; I am putting off studying for something I am only half prepared for. For some reason I decided to see what new was happening on the blog that I have been on hiatus from for the last 8-odd months, it occurred to me that I should really post something to show that I am still an active contributor and that I actually made a commitment to post every so often. Yes; that took precedence over the work that I need to do to stay in my university program and end up with a future of some sort. I only have my own work ethic to blame for this, if there’s no push to do anything, I just won’t do it period. I’m sure that after writing this however I’ll have worked all the need to avoid my work out, but for the time being I really just seem to want to ramble on and on.

On that note, I guess it seems to be a good time to write a “school-year-in-review” post, considering my last post was during frosh week at the beginning of this school year. I did the school thing, not doing the best I can, again chalk it up to my work ethic. I’ll pass, but I’m taking a course in the spring, and pushing one onto next year. But in all honesty, I don’t see how much one more semester, or even year can hurt my direction in life, as long as I find the drive to keep at it, I’ll be fine. The courses have been challenging, but not impossible.

On the social aspect of the last 8 months, I can say that I have made friends that are extremely close to me, and that I’m going to miss the experience of living in residence. I even managed to find a girlfriend this year, which surprised even myself, and I’ve managed to not screw up royally yet, so I have a good feeling about how things are going. The friends I’ve made, have centered about my floor, and I don’t think that there is any animosity between any of them. It seems like we’re all a big family, who share our experiences, and even our feelings with one another if someone has the itch to share something that’s has been weighing heavily upon themselves. It’s almost like there has been a trust developed between us all due to the long, sleepless nights we’ve spent together studying, or even just doing nothing. While there’s not the extreme feeling of closeness you get when you go to high school and stay friends with the same people for all 4 years, I feel that living with these people certainly accelerated the friendship building process. So this year has overall been good, and I even have found a place to live next year, that’s not far away at all, so my horizon looks bright as can be.

Even as I turn around right now, I’ve got people here with me, some of which shouldn’t be up for any reason whatsoever, one who is also semi-studying, and one who is being kept here by force, due to us not letting her have her phone back. But I’ve never felt so at home, at a quarter past 2, in the common room, procrastinating my study time away.

All-nighters and I have become well acquainted over the year, it just seems like another night that we’ll spend getting even closer. Ah well, that just how it’ll be. Maybe now I’ll cut Hayley Williams’ beautiful voice resonating fro my iPod short and get some work done, then again I still have 6-ish hours left to study in, maybe I’ll find another way to waste some time.

Till next time everyone, adieu!

A typical night on pitman 6

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Russian Leaders: Moscow Metro

Russian leaders have threatened that the masterminds behind the Moscow Metro bombings which killed 38 people “will be destroyed.”

The attacks occurred this morning during the rush hour and also injured more than 60 people.

No one has taken responsibility for the attacks but security forces are placing the blame on rebels from the North Caucasus.

US President Barack Obama personally conveyed his condolences to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and offered co-operation with Russia in order to bring those responsible for the attacks to justice.

Foreign ministers from the G8 continued their talks in Canada and condemned the attacks.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin promised to eradicate the terrorists responsible for the attacks adding, “Terrorists will be destroyed.”

These attacks are the deadliest since February 2004 in which 40 people were killed on a metro train headed towards the Paveletskaya station.

Pictures of the attacks and the aftermath:


I’m feeling so under the weather since Sunday night. I had Wendy’s and their Premium Fish Fillet along with their fries. I think the fries really got to me.

I’ve been nauseated since then and threw up twice in the last 24 hours. The doctor says I have food poisoning, so hopefully I’ll get better soon. But now I’m feeling a fever coming on.

Did I mention I have a massive headache? Ugh. I hate being sick. Hope I get better sooooooooon. Also, a happy St. Patrick’s day to you all!


The Hall

The entry through the corridor is narrow. But you’re the only person there.
Through a wide and long view of the hall, emptiness stands between you and I.
Of course, you would. You would walk away. From the truth and everything you desired.
Your stubbornness and pride. That’s what makes you walk away.
At the end of the hall, adorned with gray walls and maple flooring is an exit.
The exit you’re reluctant to take.
You take it only to smite me. To make me feel regret.
But I don’t. I will allow you to walk and I will not stop you.
You’re a coward. Calling you one does not reduce my hypocrisy, on the other hand.
I could stop you by burning away my pride. A price I don’t want to pay.
Lights above flicker among the foamed tiles of the roof. White with black markings.
As if a child had drawn upon them like a colouring book.
Click, clack, click, clack. The sound of your bright red heels echoes throughout the corridor. Click, clack, lubb-dub, click, clack, lubb-dub.
It is almost as if the sound of your heels matches in chord with the beat of my heart.
Creating mass panic.
Time flusters like a warped zone. A storm creeps behind me and zooms on forward.
I’m left uncontrolled. Exempt from logic.
They say that true love is when two broken hearts attach to each other. They say the bond is inseparable.
They say the two pieces of the Heart can speak to each other. They say a lot of stupid things.
But if they’re right, I hope you can hear the voice crying out in my chest.
I can look past your beauty. I can look past the blonde curls of inevitability. I can look past the blushed cheeks of seduction.
I can look past the blue eyes of clear sky. I can look past that sentry smile.
Just to peer under your chest. Under your slim body. For the faint spark of truth.
The hanging portraits of past Me’s and You’s do nothing but eye Us.
Their silent and contained cases cannot hold back their cries of regret.
Still you walk. Ignoring everything.
Seeping through the endless hall like an illusion. You are in no hurry. Yet you leave me in a worrisome state.
The muscles in my leg twitch. The fibers quantify and act upon impulse.
My right foot jumps forward. Followed by the left.
The stuttering movement bids into a walk. Slowly bending into a hastened run.
A sprinting gallop is followed. LUBB-DUB, LUBB-DUB, LUBB-DUB, LUBB-DUB, click, clack, LUBB-DUB, LUBB-DUB.
I’m catching up to you. The echo of my running body leaves a mark on the surroundings.
I’m almost towards you. I’m so close that I can reach out and touch you.
But at the end of this corridor is a door. Stained with matte blue, it opens.
Dark light shines through pretending it is an eclipse. The hall’s lights suddenly go out.
Through the light of the outside, I can see you walk out. Looks like my heart didn’t scream loud enough.
Looks like your heart wasn’t listening. At least not to mine.
The door slowly closes as I brake and stop. Catching the last glimpse of your eyes.
Captivating and clear. The eyes to see through to my soul and cut all lies.
And the sound of the door closing moves through the hall. The last sound to reach my ears.
Wild emotion creeps. Slashing all but my final glimpse of you.
Hollow and lifeless. This hall. This corridor. This cave. Disappears in the blackness.

Lustful Night

…and it mimics; something within me; a string of emotion; the waste of lust; this moment.

This breathtaking time; denying the degradation of soul; to impart from life respectable commons; the lie of desire; it lays burdened.

Influential and ecstatic; happiness and bliss in a moment; transfigured and rotten; by truth and obligation.

…and it still rises; something within me; a string of detachment; the need for lust; this moment.

On-looked by others; the embarrassment of doors open; the masks upon faces; nothing lies hidden; chocolate bliss.

Addition of kiss; condensed towards impartial judgment; torment of guilt; it is best to lie; but I run away.

…and it still shy’s; something between us; a string of bond; the suppression of lust; this moment.

Dragged back once more; into arms wide open; pressed within your bosom; judgment is scattered; yet still is logical.

I cannot leave; struck with perpetual motion; obligation mixed with lust; latter is forgotten; broken strings.

…and it still feels; something within me; a string of desire; the want of lust; this moment.

Ice Hockey – Canada’s Game

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It has been an hour since Sidney Crosby planted the goal in the USA net and Canada is wild! After playing the first two periods with a 2-0 lead over the American team, by the end of the third period the game was tied.

Overtime came along and Sid the Kid brought in a goal against USA’s goalie, Miller. With the help of Iginla the game was won for Canada.

The first game against the USA was taken with a bad thrashing of 5-3. After facing three teams to get into the finals against the USA once more, we have finally defeated them. It is time for the world to know ice hockey is Canada’s game.

Canada stands at 14 Olympic gold medals, the highest ever won in the Olympics by one country – and this was done on home soil.

The closing ceremonies are tonight, and I’m hoping they are as good or better than the opening ceremonies. Canada has done amazingly well these Winter Games.