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Pac-Man: 30th Anniversary

If any of you fine ladies and gentleman have turned up to Google’s homepage, you’ll notice something interesting. It’s Pac-Man! If you have further inquired like I have, you’ll notice that the logo not only says GOOGLE, but it’s actually a game!

It happens to be Google’s first playable doodle, and in honour of Pac-Man, that’s what they’ve done. If you even want to play with Ms. Pac-Man, click “Insert Coin” and use the WASD keys on your keyboard to control her! (Pac-Man is then controlled by the regular directional keys.)

So rediscover your 8-bit memories from that long-time-ago. It’s up for the next 48 hours, so… WAKA WAKA WAKA! (Translation: Have fun!)

Google's Homepage

I didn’t make it past level one. But that’s because I’ve always sucked at Pac-Man. This time, I’ll get to level two!

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