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The Hall

The entry through the corridor is narrow. But you’re the only person there.
Through a wide and long view of the hall, emptiness stands between you and I.
Of course, you would. You would walk away. From the truth and everything you desired.
Your stubbornness and pride. That’s what makes you walk away.
At the end of the hall, adorned with gray walls and maple flooring is an exit.
The exit you’re reluctant to take.
You take it only to smite me. To make me feel regret.
But I don’t. I will allow you to walk and I will not stop you.
You’re a coward. Calling you one does not reduce my hypocrisy, on the other hand.
I could stop you by burning away my pride. A price I don’t want to pay.
Lights above flicker among the foamed tiles of the roof. White with black markings.
As if a child had drawn upon them like a colouring book.
Click, clack, click, clack. The sound of your bright red heels echoes throughout the corridor. Click, clack, lubb-dub, click, clack, lubb-dub.
It is almost as if the sound of your heels matches in chord with the beat of my heart.
Creating mass panic.
Time flusters like a warped zone. A storm creeps behind me and zooms on forward.
I’m left uncontrolled. Exempt from logic.
They say that true love is when two broken hearts attach to each other. They say the bond is inseparable.
They say the two pieces of the Heart can speak to each other. They say a lot of stupid things.
But if they’re right, I hope you can hear the voice crying out in my chest.
I can look past your beauty. I can look past the blonde curls of inevitability. I can look past the blushed cheeks of seduction.
I can look past the blue eyes of clear sky. I can look past that sentry smile.
Just to peer under your chest. Under your slim body. For the faint spark of truth.
The hanging portraits of past Me’s and You’s do nothing but eye Us.
Their silent and contained cases cannot hold back their cries of regret.
Still you walk. Ignoring everything.
Seeping through the endless hall like an illusion. You are in no hurry. Yet you leave me in a worrisome state.
The muscles in my leg twitch. The fibers quantify and act upon impulse.
My right foot jumps forward. Followed by the left.
The stuttering movement bids into a walk. Slowly bending into a hastened run.
A sprinting gallop is followed. LUBB-DUB, LUBB-DUB, LUBB-DUB, LUBB-DUB, click, clack, LUBB-DUB, LUBB-DUB.
I’m catching up to you. The echo of my running body leaves a mark on the surroundings.
I’m almost towards you. I’m so close that I can reach out and touch you.
But at the end of this corridor is a door. Stained with matte blue, it opens.
Dark light shines through pretending it is an eclipse. The hall’s lights suddenly go out.
Through the light of the outside, I can see you walk out. Looks like my heart didn’t scream loud enough.
Looks like your heart wasn’t listening. At least not to mine.
The door slowly closes as I brake and stop. Catching the last glimpse of your eyes.
Captivating and clear. The eyes to see through to my soul and cut all lies.
And the sound of the door closing moves through the hall. The last sound to reach my ears.
Wild emotion creeps. Slashing all but my final glimpse of you.
Hollow and lifeless. This hall. This corridor. This cave. Disappears in the blackness.

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