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And Giambrone Strikes Out

Oh poor Adam Giambrone, in my opinion the best candidate for the mayor of Toronto gets hit by a sex scandal which in politics has been seen several times (just look at US politics and read on) Giambrone admitted to an affair with a university student and said he would go on with being a mayoral candidate. It’s a shame because he resigned the next day, sure the scandal is bad but Adam clearly has a forthcoming career in politics and this shouldn’t ruin it. Now several Torontonians are calling for him to resign from the head of the TTC which he has done an overly good job with, and I myself have ridden the TTC more then 5 times and have never had a problem. But clearly like every scandal sides have been taken against Adam, the side for him and the side that thinks he is a pervert and doesn’t belong in office.

I’d like to remind people that Adam is only 32, and young people (I’d consider 32 to be younger) make mistakes, and they definitely should be given a second chance. Adam needs to handle the complaints that have come in over the last weeks, and continue to try and improve the TTC and improve his public image. Although he just ran for mayor for about 10 days, his public image over this scandal has just hit as low as it will be for years to come and this will be a challenge Adam should have to overcome. It would be stupid for Giambrone to resign as head of the TTC in my opinion, he needs to set some improvements and make the public happy with him again. I just hope this doesn’t put a damper on his for sure promising career in politics.

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