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Superbowl XLIV

SUPERBOWL!! This was a fantastic game! Although I’m not a fan of either the Saints or the Colts, I don’t like the Colts. Definitely not. You could say, I’m a ‘hater’ and I will agree. I am quite happy that the Saints won the game. I was quite worried in the first half when the Colts were leading, but as soon as I saw the interception in the second half, I knew the game was over.


For a full and in-depth coverage of the game in case you missed it, here is a link with that information!


And the best part of the Superbowl in my opinion are the commercials. The wonderful, oh so crunchy, hilarious commercials. My favourite is the Snicker’s commercial featuring Betty White. She is a great woman. Dorito’s come second.

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