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Our World

From the dark side of the Moon,
Seeing the angle of doom,
Rectifying all that is out of tune,
Symbolizing all that is buried under dune.

From the bleeding skin of Mars,
I stand to see the stars,
Perfected in the blank sky as a street full of cars,
Flickering in the almost motionless world of the universe’s Czar.

Standing within the spot of Jupiter,
Being dragged around by winds like a drifter,
There is no end to the twister,
Jupiter is the tempter and the victor.

Spinning from the rings of Saturn,
I gaze at their pattern,
Squinting my eyes at the light of a faraway lantern,
Gaining the remembrance of a sound in nocturne.

Although I never passed Mercury,
It seems as it is like the sun’s child as it is so clingy,
As the night falls Mercury disappears like luxury,
And appears again in the day with temperatures full of fury.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus,
Both combined create a race that is yet continuous,
Under Venus’ barrier is volcanic activity that is genus,
Louder than the construction of experienced machinists.

The bluest sea in the solar system is owned by Neptune,
Discovered through mathematical tune,
Similar to Jupiter it contains a monsoon,
With considerable mass comparable to a balloon.

Many jokes pass around about Uranus,
Mythology holds him as the father of Cronus,
Tilted on its side like a vertical minus,
It creates winds as devastating as dendroctonus.

It is only on Earth,
Where I was born through human birth,
I travel through the galaxy to unearth,
Secrets to science that are priceless in worth.

This far away I miss the Sun,
In the galaxy its power has every other star outdone,
Scorching heat causes everything to run,
As the night falls the Sun’s effects are undone.

Edging slowly towards Pluto,
In the cold and distant space beyond Neptune’s chateau,
My ashes lie in wait purely gung-ho,
2015 will be the date I say ‘Hello’.

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