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Switzerland Votes to Ban Minarets



–noun a lofty, often slender, tower or turret attached to a mosque, surrounded by or furnished with one or more balconies, from which the muezzin calls the people to prayer.

(from Dictionary.com)


On the 29th of November, Switzerland voted to ban the new construction of minarets. The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) has put forth this proposal, claiming that minarets are a symbol of “Islamisation.”

57% of the votes and 22 out of 26 provinces voted in favour of the ban. The government has opposed the ban in the preset that it would harm Switzerland’s image, especially in the Muslim world.

Martin Baltisser, the SVP’s general secretary said, “This was a vote against minarets as symbols of Islamic power.”  This vote is believed to stop the threat of radical fundamentalism.

Islam is the second biggest religion in Switzerland after Christianity, with 400, 000 Muslim citizens and there are only four minarets in the whole country. Proposals to build more minarets are almost always refused.

Supporters believe that the minaret is a symbol of Islamic power and hope to stop the growth of Sharia Law which may try to supplement Swiss democracy.

Many believe that this campaign has been incited by hatred. Amnesty International has said that the vote violated freedom of religion.

Elham Manea, co-founder of the Forum for a Progressive Islam said this about what the vote represents towards Muslims, “It’s a message that you are not welcome here as true citizens of this society.”


I find this vote to be absolutely absurd and definitely incited by hatred towards Islam and its followers. Minarets a symbol of Islamic power? That’s the most the hilarious thing I’ve heard since a man said that America won the Vietnam war.

As a Muslim, I can clearly say that minarets are not a symbol of Islamic power. And building more does not mean that there is “Islamisation” going on. Are the Swiss really that idiotic?

Clearly, this vote is nothing but hatred against Muslims, saying that they do not belong anywhere in Europe. This violates freedom of religion!

Churches can have all sorts of stained glass and towers, but mosques cannot have even the smallest minaret? If this is not hatred towards Islam then what is it?

Europe is fearing something that does not exist, Islam is not trying to take over. Muslims are just trying to practice their religion as is decreed by the Qur’an. Yes, there is radical fundamentalism going on, but it is by the smallest amount of radicals that shouldn’t be feared.

If minarets are banned first, then Hijabs will be banned, soon the sale and purchase of Qur’ans will be banned, and then what next? Muslims will be banned from travelling to Europe altogether?

If creating such laws and banning freedoms continues like this, then obviously radical fundamentalism will be on the rise. There is no doubt that more extremism will continue.

Switzerland and Europe had created an extreme of its own, and radical Muslims are using their own form of extremism to combat the first. It’s like fighting fire with fire.

I only hope that this ban is appealed before “Islamophobia” is dramatically rises ever more.

  1. lovebug35
    November 30, 2009 at 2:11 AM

    wow.. that’s kinda prejudiced of them to do that…

  2. December 6, 2009 at 6:44 PM

    If a minaret was erected in my community it would likely be a beautiful addition to the landscape. As a Christian, I would not feel threatened in the least. However, I do feel threatened by government bodies that are intolerant of peaceful expressions of spirituality.

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