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Obama Boycotts Fox News

Sort of a late response to this excellent news but I thought I’d cover it anyway. I’m very happy to see that the president of the US of A has boycotted one of the many poisons that inflicts America everyday. I’m talking about Fox News. From pundits like Glenn Beck to Bill O’rielly, Fox News is a mess of uncharted propaganda meant to send everything to Hell.

I am absolutely appalled over the fact that it took the president to say something against Fox News about its credibility before the media and everyday citizens took upon that fact. It just goes to show how the media cannot function independently.

A specific angle of the media has come back to haunt Obama’s boycott, that is now criticizing his words. These mostly speak about how Fox News can do just about whatever it wants, and that Obama boycotting them is wrong; something that apparently goes “against free speech.” I find this quite ridiculous because, I swear free speech means that you can say just about anything about well, anything.

I agree with Obama’s choice, and I am happy to see that someone at the top is taking action against the despicable people behind Fox News. Perhaps now people will come to realize what sort of BS Fox News is spouting to them everyday, and hopefully people don’t swallow it all up as factual debate.

The sooner Fox News is realized as a decrepit comedy channel like Onion News, the sooner the world might come to peace.

  1. October 31, 2009 at 4:40 PM

    Because all journalists are human, and humans are all biased, there is no such thing as unbiased news reporting. The people at Fox News are just less clever at masking their biases than others.

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