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The Decaying Business Of Movie Trailers

There is something about movie trailers now a days that gets me , the ones that make you want to go but they are the exact same ones that give away the whole movie. This post was inspired by a trailer for a movie called “Brothers” I won’t go into detail on what happens in the trailer or the plot of the movie because it’s given directly away by the trailer. At the end of the trailer I can tell you the reason you will most likely go see this movie “To see if Tobey Maguire’s character lives or not” That’s the only viable reason to see the movie depsite the fact, that you need something to watch and it might be the only decent thing playing. To be honest the movie looks like a bunch of horse shit (pardon my Russian there) anyways I want things to change in the movie trailer business.

I want a movie that captivates you without giving away key parts of the movie, and without giving away most of the plotline. Now even though that is how most movies make their money, as well as the fact that they show key scenes from the movie like the funiest parts, scariest or ones with the most action in them. I want the movie trailers that captivate you to go see it because they appear mysterious, their different and they want you to find out what this movie is about. Sort of like Cloverfield before the first trailer, the poster was up and everyone wondered what it was it was a genius marketing campaign. I want the movies that don’t need some voice or narrator (unless its Morgan Freeman, beceause he is pwn in ANYTHING) to advertise the movie.

Something that has a music track, maybe some voice from the movie, and something that makes me wonder. Also that doesn’t give away the whole plot, the sad thing is this blog post won’t change things. (Inspired by going to the movies, and my obvious absence from the blog)

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