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Frosh Week

I realize that my good friend DanDan already created a post somewhat covering Frosh Week in university. But I am posting this to explain a little more about my experience with Frosh Week. To start off, I expected my experience to be half-decent and completely ambiguous. To be surrounded by nothing but children who are complete brats and antisocial outcasts. I had also expected Frosh Week to be one big get together of all the first-years to participate in a few activities and call it a day. My misconceptions were soon met with a world completely different from what I had never imagined.

Frosh Week was absolutely amazing. It is the best week I have ever lived in my life. There have been quite amazing experiences in my life (just like everyone else), but this tops the cake. I have met the most active and creative people in my life. Those who are here to study, those who are here to have fun, and those who are here because this is where life has led them. I have met all kinds of people and yet none of them are anything like what I had expected them to be. The students so far are very considerate and friendly. And this I can account to the reason that everyone is in the same boat and does not know the person next to them.

To have me realize how fun Frosh Week has been, I must hand it to my Icebreakers. Not sure if everyone knows who an Icebreaker is, but these are senior students who are volunteering their time for a week to help first-year students get used to the university campus and make new friends. I was part of one of the four teams at my campus in Brantford, the Green Zombies. The first few days were full of activities from  8 AM in the morning to 9 at night (sometimes until midnight). The Icebreakers introduced cheers and fun-filled teamwork to allow us first-years to get together and befriend each other. The vast network I made thanks to the hard work of the Icebreakers has been astounding. I made more friends in a week than I made alone throughout one year of highschool.

It is absolutely amazing to know what kind of backgrounds these students come from. Of course, I am just stating my experience at the moment. Knowing what kind of position all of us as students are, I’ve adopted an extremely outgoing attitude, one much higher than I had in high school to meet everyone and befriend such students. This attitude has really helped me in creating fruitful conversations that may at the same time have created friendships I will hold for a long time.

Frosh Week wasn’t all fun and games. Well, it was. But the fun and games included a program called “Shinerama” (http://ccff.ca/page.asp?id=33) in which us as first-years who participated in Frosh Week were raising money for Cystic Fibrosis. The complete campus at Brantford raised over $12, 000! For a small first year population, this was a truly epic achievement. The students at this campus realized how important these fund raising activities are and gave it their all. I know I did. Thanks to this excellent experience, I have so many amazing people. Of course, I am here and there with all of them and am unable to be with them at all times. But I am able to know they aren’t too far. Living on residence is an amazing experience itself.

This week has had situations where only teamwork was able to break through any obstacles and being hostile with each other was not an option. Being friendly and open was the one way to get to know other people – and an antisocial behaviour has been very rare to see, and that is a very good thing. Tomorrow, I am going to class and hope to make even more bonds with people – and strengthen the ones I have just recently made.

“Do one thing everyday that scares you.”

– Baz Luhrmann (Sunscreen”)

  1. DanDan
    September 18, 2009 at 6:21 AM

    Almost makes you wanna be a frosh leader next year, doesn’t it?
    Definitely an amazing way to kick off the 4 years of chasing that degree.
    By the way, did you guys play “Human Knot” or “Full Contact Duck-Duck-Goose”?

  2. September 18, 2009 at 4:38 PM

    EFF YEAH! I’m totally going for Icebreaker next year! It was so amazing!
    We didn’t play anything like that. We played some other gay games, haha.

  3. September 27, 2009 at 11:55 AM

    My oldest son was a frosh leader for several years at Dalhousie. It was always one of the highlights of his year. His team often did the most creative, outrageous things to raise money for Shinerama. Your experience sounds as positive as his was the first year. If you become an Icebreaker or frosh leader next year, you’ll have at least as much fun all over again.

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