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Toronto Sports Is Depressing, How Long Though?

Well the Leafs haven’t made the Playoffs or come close in years, and the Jays are nearing 20 years since they last made the Playoffs, the Toronto Raptors missed the Playoffs and Toronto FC has never made the Playoffs. To add onto that Toronto Argonauts suck as well, and looks like they will miss the Playoffs this year as well. But fear not Toronto sports fans for it looks better for two teams then it did last year and Toronto FC is still a young franchise. Evidence proofs that the Raptors have managed to turn it totally around as there roster has been bolstered by huge additions in Hedo Turkoglu and Jarret Jack. But I digress, the Jays look to be totally left to rot by Rogers and the owners of the team it really doesn’t look good for the Blue Jays it would be kind of awesome to have Maple Leaf Entertainment buy the team. Owning the Leafs, Raptors, Marlies, Toronto FC bolstering Toronto sports with the Blue Jays would be awesome in my opinion.

Now there is still a untapped market in Toronto and is that the huge MMA fanbase that is here in Ontario I remember walking by a bar while getting snacks for UFC 102 after I saw a sign that said “UFC 102 Here Tonight” There was tons of people inside it was almost packed to the brim, it’s a untapped market that Dana White (President Of The UFC) Would like to tap into after great success of UFC in Montreal especially with a hometown favorite in George St. Pierre. It would be awesome to help boost Toronto sports with sucess of UFC, but it looks like some of the loyal fans in Toronto are supporting the failures of the Maple Leafs and understand rebuilding. Not with the Blue Jays though, as general manager who hopefully will be gone after the season J.P. Riccardi has seemed to fail in his 8 year tenure with the Blue Jays. Every team with the exception of Toronto FC is in rebuilding mode but there is promise on the horizon.

But fear not because it will be better in the future rebuilding will do that and with several improvements to the Air Canada Centre (Raptors and Leafs games can be now held in the same day) It should look good in the future, but for now I’d give it 3-5 years until we have more then one winning team in Toronto or we have non depressing sporting in Toronto.

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