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Beware The Storms

Ahh… Summer. Bathing in the sun enjoying a cool and refreshing iced cap from Tim Hortons. *Thunder crash (literally)* Here comes the ugly truth. The weather this summer has been absolutely despicable. It is the worst summer I have ever lived in. Rain, rain, rain, rain, and more rain. That is all I can remember about this summer. Not once has there been a week full of sunshine.

Today’s weather (Sunday) was the worst of the summer. It started off as a normal morning, until around 10-11 AM, Thor became enraged and send thunder and lightning in fits of anger. Along with that came a typhoon of harsh winds and heavy rainfall. The amount of rain was able to make a small creek into a dangerous flowing river. This lasted for about an hour and a half, non-stop. At around 12-12:30 PM, it ended and the sun slowly peered out from behind the clouds.


The temperature peaked to a 25 degree Celsius. The sun acted as it was proud to shine with glory. This all was very great. And the day went on peacefully… until… Again at around 8:00 PM the same night the storms returned. This time it was much worse. The lightning, thunder, winds, and rain went on for 3 hours. At this time, I was at work in Wal-Mart and covered a co-workers shift for an hour. This was during the peak of the storm and I was working in the Garden Center. The rain was leaking through the roof, and the wind was blowing around much merchandise. The Garden Center had to be closed down and the storm was so horrible that all customers stopped their shopping.

This condition went on for far too long, and even now as I write this post thunder and lightning is still abundant. The rain and wind has stopped. During the storm, the power went out and returned a total of four times before the electricity became stable. As I finished work and went out into the parking lot, the parking lot was flooded. It was a small lake in the whole area. Take a look; sorry for the quality, cellphone pictures aren’t that great.

A few cars were half a tire deep into the water. I wish this weather would go away. If this is a cold and wet summer, I expect winter will be freezing and knee-deep in snow. I am not looking forward to such a winter – I hate winter. There is still the month of August for the weather to become warmer and more like summer. Maybe it will, maybe… it will not.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, everyone!

P.S.: The trash I put outside on the curb to be picked up tomorrow morning is all soaking wet – especially the recycling bins. I wonder if they guys will take it. I hope so!

  1. Adrian
    August 10, 2009 at 7:52 AM

    I loved the weather last night, but jeez its 8:52am at the moment and it is 22 Celsius out. I just do the garbage in the morning to avoid wetness, its so hot for an early Monday.

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