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Twitter Goes Down, Tons Of Peoples Twats Un-Sent And Un-Read

The title may of got you reading but I thought Tweets would be bored, and quite lame like it has been for the last god knows how many months since Twitter got popular. Once I heard Twitter is down on my beloved 680 news (yes I hit the radios for this one) and then I was thinking Ashton Kutcher had died and I was like hallalujah… HALLALUJAH! But my hopes were shot down when I found out Twitter was hit by a virus and was only down for a little while. Facebook was hit by the same virus, but users on Facebook didn’t seem to notice as much lag. Now this is where it hit me, my mom popped this line in.

¨What is Twitter?¨

Now I could of said a lot of things but then I said that it really means, Twitter is nothing but Facebook’s status updates it is just as easy to access on a phone, or computer as Facebook. Celeberties caught on to it, and made it popular, it was used during the election which it didn’t really help when CNN was reporting everything two hours faster. Twitter would of never been popular without celeberties, who are now all Twittering (god forbid they are tweeting) Anyways, the only good reason for Twitter is to check in on interesting celeberties like… KEVIN SPACEY. 😀

Twat You Later D:

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