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Crime Shows Everyone Is A Target Once Again

I dont know if you’ve heard about this troubling story out of Etobicoke so these two 14 year old kids were walking home. Mind you it was around midnight so they would of been fine earlier, when a two people robbed these 14 year olds. Now the 14 year olds didn’t have much to offer but their bus tickets, they were robbed at gunpoint for them. Now I cant even imagine how terrified these kids must be, they’ll remember the incident for years to come. I’m disgusted at the felons who haven’t been caught, how can you rob 14 year old kids? If this happens again, something needs to be done we cant have kids getting robbed and traumatised.

Why would someone want to do this to 14 year olds? Can I ask why everywhere it seems the people getting victimized are younger and the people commiting the crimes are getting younger as well. Murders happening involving young people, murders happening with the young person being the murderer. Its pathetic how young teens and young adults can resort to crime in their own age group, it is out right pathetic. As well as the elderly being targets it makes me sad to see that old people are getting robbed, I could see why it is happening. They are easy targets due to illneses, troubles walking, weaker then the young crowd its pathetic someone could rob a teen or the elderly.

Its pathetic if they rob anyone.

Source: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/675745

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