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Governer Quitter

Last Sunday, Sarah Palin has resigned from the position of Governer of Alaska. She held the position for two and a half years, and resigned early. With 17 months to go, the only speculation for many people is that Sarah Palin is a ‘quitter’. And the people are not wrong. For someone who was elected by the people, she cannot simply become tired of her job and quit whenever she decides to. It is not as if every person in the position of great responsibility has the liability to do that.

There are speculations that she may run in the 2012 election, but I highly doubt she would make any significance. She is not fit to serve on behalf of the people. For someone who readily enjoys shooting down wolves from a helicopter, she is not as ready to serve the American (rather the Alaskan) people.

The media is to be blamed for much that is wrong in this world, but the backlash Palin threw at the media during her speech was a short resemblance of funny. The media cannot help but poke fun at Sarah Palin. After all, she is quite cooky. She was absolutely horrible in the 2008 presidential election, and she is much too inexperienced in the political world.

Simply put, Sarah Palin is a quitter, and she is not fit to be part of the American government.

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