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Rain Can Be Tragic

This is basically a news story that I wanted to share. Since I am a native of Pakistan, it’s only natural that I keep tabs on things happening there. Once I got this news, I was horrified. There have been small flood happening in the sea-port city of Karachi. This was caused my massive rainstorms and inadequate gutters and plumbing, leading to overflow in drainage and massive gathering of water in the streets.

Now majority of Karachiites are poor people who either live below or just above the poverty line. So you should understand that they do not have the same amenities that we here in Canada take for granted. To them cheap source of water, plumbing, food, electricity is not granted if they have a home. Therefore, bathing regularly to keep cool during 40*c is a luxury. So what happens during this supposed blessing of cool rains and showers? Well naturally the kids and youths storm to the streets to bathe and cool off. But during this expectantly happy time, tragedy struck. The open gutters caused some of these kids to fall in them and drown. Others times faulty wiring and loose electric cables, fell and electrocuted the people, including grownups. In a single incident, a wall of a house fell on its inhabitants, killing a mother and her young daughter, who was only seven years old. In other cases, the roofs of houses have been reported too fall, injuring and killing the people inside.

Now I do not place the burden on the builders of these systems, as they could only do with the money that was given to them, and knowing politicians in any country, they probably took most of the grants for themselves. And it was the regular citizens who ended up with the bad side of the shady dealings. I do however blame the planners, engineers and designers who build the crappy system and led to the way that these innocent people die.

All in all, about 35 known deaths have been reported, with the death doll expect to rise considering that only now the rescue operations have been increased and over 150 people have been injured. On top of that electricity has been short-circuited since July 18, so now on top tragic deaths; there is a blackout throughout the entire city, with the hospitals running on outdated and leaky emergency electric generators for 2 days. So what can we do about this? Not much I’m afraid, except pray and hope for those who need it. We also need to help with the aid of those who need it, as I personally have sent a sum of money to be used for aid. As the future, we kids should not be caught up in the wild hysteria and corruption of the world and work towards making it better. And a Pakistani, become someone who can contribute to your country and help the victims who suffer these disgusting transgressions.

  1. July 22, 2009 at 6:34 PM

    I will keep the Karachiites in my prayers. It must be so difficult for these people to remain hopeful.

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