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Sperm Cells from Stem Cells

After reading about this new-found discovery… I sort of laughed. And I laughed even more so when I read an article on BBC describing how many bloggers out there and other random people (mostly women) thought of this. Sadly, the majority of them thought that it makes men redundant and irrelevant. Why need men when you can create artificial sperm?

I am absolutely cracking up at the thought of this. What is the world without men? Absolutely nothing. If we think  about it, by attempting to eradicate men, we make men into a species. I personally, don’t want to be considered a species based on my gender.

Women are the intellectual and emotional types. Women are able to think critically and have a strong sense of emotion, which allows them to become such doting parents.  Men are the epitome of muscle. We don’t like using our brain too much, although we love using our brawn, and even showing it off. Men and women are like conjoined twins. We cannot live without each other, nor can we live with each other.

With human sperm being created in a petri dish, this changes all that. It seems to many people, that the opposite sex can indeed, live without each other. But essentially, we cannot. If that were to become the case, then the emotion of “love” due to sexual attraction will all but be gone. Children who will be brought up in a world where there are no men, will grow to be quite inept compared to those who are. Children learn various skills from both the male and female parent. The male concentrates on physical activities, while the female concentrates on the skill aptitute.

What happens to male children who are born into an all-female society? Are these children brought up in care through family or are they simply grown to feel inferior to their female counterparts and live a submissive life? This simply destroys all values of equality.

In the evolutionary sense, sexual dimorphism will also disappear – truly giving way to an all-female world. Modern men and women have lived in the same world for more than 200, 000 years (close to seven million, depending on how you look at it). Why not live together even longer?

In the end, I don’t see a world without men. I don’t see a world without women, either. But if we begin to use artificial human sperm to supplement our feelings of revenge or supreriority, the world may be a darker place (especially for men).

Here is what a gentleman on Macleans.ca blog says about this new discovery:

WE MUST CRUSH THIS! Take away their funding, burn all evidence, delete all records, kidnap and kill those who made the discovery and then bury this entire story under some celebrity scandal. Men can’t become irrelevant!

I wholly agree 🙂

You can read the article on the creation of sperm cells from stem cells here:


  1. July 11, 2009 at 11:33 AM

    If men were to become irrelevant, the biggest losers would be… the women. Men and women’s brains are too different for the world to be a better place without both of their influences.

    A woman can raise a male by herself but she will always only be guessing what it is like to be a little boy.

  2. July 15, 2009 at 1:02 AM

    The same goes for men!

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