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Amnesty International Reports On Gaza War Crimes

During the small (not really) offensive Israel launched against Hamas between late December and January, Israel committed reckless acts of destruction. Amnesty International claims that many war crimes were committed against Palestinians living in Gaza during the offensive by Israel.

Hundreds of Palestinians were killed due to high-precision missiles and many more were gunned down at close range. While Israel claims the offensive and military conduct followed international law, Amnesty International reports that children on rooftops and even medical staff were killed due to high-precision missiles. At the same time, Israel also reports that some of the civilian deaths were completely accidental.

Amnesty International says nearly 1400 Palestinians were killed during the 22 day offensive. More than 900 of those deaths were of civilians, which include 300 children, and 115 women. These numbers argue with what the Israeli military claims of more than 1100 Palestinian deaths, which almost 300 of them were civilians. Amnesty International claims that such a high number of civilian deaths cannot be simply overlooked and called “mistakes”. Many deaths were also the cause of the Israeli military interfering with medical operations and medical staff from reaching injured Palestinians.

Amnesty International also reports that the way public buildings and homes were destroyed had to be a deliberate attack, and could not have been by pure accident. These all constitute war crimes, says Donatella Rovera.

War Crimes

Women and children who posed no threat to the Israeli military were gunned down at close quarters when they were fleeing their homes in search of shelter. Amnesty International found no evidence that Hamas ever used Palestinian civilian as human shields. On the other hand, Amnesty International reports that Israel in fact did use civilians in Gaza as human shields.

During the offensive, only 13 Israeli’s were killed, which included only three civilians.

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