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And The Good Fall Victim To Primetime

Just like there were good endings to Late Night with Conan O’ Brien, The Tonight Show was no exception with guest Conan O’ Brien made for a superb show. Glad to see as well that Conan will be back on TV as of Monday when he takes over the reins of the Tonight Show. Makes for a great week, now Leno will be moving to a Primetime slot. Sort of moving away from the late night television night show scene and pretty much first for primetime is the show Leno will be on. It’ll be interesting to see how a show that should be on late night television will do on primetime for NBC but it’ll probably come back to hurt them.

Leno had a funny show, and Conan was the perfect guest for his show showing bits of Conan’s newest skit for the Tonight Show which he takes over on June 1st. It also showed the first appearence with the both of them on Leno’s show in April of 1993. All things come to an end, and Leno’s reign on the Tonight Show was great I hope Primetime treats him well.

  1. Perminder
    June 9, 2009 at 4:08 PM

    After seeing Jay Leno’s face from the side, I can say for certain that I can reproduce it in its entirety using hand shadows only.

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