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The 2009 UEFA Champions!

What an exciting game! I had the pleasure of watching this game with two Manchester United to-the-gut fans and being the only one to support Barcelona! Although I hate both teams altogether, I did not want to see Manchester United win with their professional dives trained by C. Ronaldo and ruthless arrogance. I even had the luck of guessing the score, 2-0, and I was right.

The Game

At the tenth minute, Samuel Eto’o comes in with a roaring kick right off the keeper and into the back of the net. Any team to score so early on in the game has claimed it’s seat as the victor of the match. Before that goal, Manchester United was hammering the Barcelona defense and making  Valdez sweat. But it seems that Man. Utd. lost all of their hope at the point of the first goal.

Motivation was tough for the next part of the first half, as Barcelona game back with full force raping Man. Utd. altogether. Back and forth, back and forth, pass, pass, pass, pass. Barcelona kept control of the ball, and at any point when Rooney got hold of the ball, Pique was right at him to read Rooney’s moves and stop him in his tracks. It seemed hopeless for Man. Utd., and my two “enemies for the match” didn’t like the smirk on my face at the time.

Etoo with the goal!

Eto’o with the goal!

Second Half

All the while, chomping on the chips and drinking some orange soda, half-time came along and we watched the Jays winning their game for the while. Returning to the game, Barcelona was confident as ever, but underestimated Man. Utd. Man. Utd. ran back with greater motivation and attempted to score a fantastic goal in the second half. Alas, it was not to be with J. S. Park missing the header, crucial for the game. C. Ronaldo looked very upset and angry as everytime he dived, the referee would just not accept it. He wasn’t bribed, he was just doing his job, like a proper referee should!

At the 60th minute, Xavi came in with a roaring pass over the heads of the Man. Utd. defense, straight at Messi, who launches a full-body header right in the back of the net! Van der Sar had absolutely no chance against such a powerful shot. 2-0 it was, and for the rest of the game, Barcelona attempted to score another goal, but they knew that they could take it easy and take full control of the ball. As long as it did not go to Man. Utd., they could waste time and secure their win.

That is exactly what they did, and each team sent in substitutes to make the game more challenging. Berbatov was called in for Man. Utd., but he wasn’t of much help. The tide was anywhere from changed. Alas, the end of the game had come at last. To the sadness of the Man. Utd. fans next to me, Barcelona had won with a shady 2-0. Excellent play and control of the ball, with no loss in motivation allowed them to win. Such confidence led to the year’s victory.

With the angry emotions roaring from the Man. Utd. fans around me, we decided to skip parts of the end of the game so it wouldn’t anger them any further. We returned to the Jays game and perhaps I jinxed it, for right at that moment, the Jays were out and they had lost the game. I’m not a Jays fan, so I wasn’t supporting them at all, but those Man. Utd. fans around me were also Jays fans. Oh man. What a tough situation.

Messi secures the win for Barcelona!

Messi secures the win for Barcelona!

The Ceremony

There’s nothing too exciting about this. Just the normal stuff with handing out medals, telling the loser, “oh you did well, good luck next year”, yada yada yada. Barcelona was engraved onto the UEFA cup, and handed to the captain of Barcelona, good ol’ Puyol. What a victory at Roma, just what awaits us all next year at the Champions League?

Puyol Holds The UEFA Cup

Puyol Holds The UEFA Cup

  1. bobbygee
    May 28, 2009 at 9:16 AM

    It was a great match. It was over after the first ten minutes. Barca took control of the match. Check out my blog Bobby Gee http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  2. May 28, 2009 at 3:25 PM

    “There’s nothing too exciting about this. Just the normal stuff with handing out medals”

    Do not forget the entire stadium´s whistles as Ronaldo got his silver medal. Terrific.

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