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Conspiracy – Maybe We’re All Crazy

Ever felt like the whole world is a conspiracy? That in actuality even your life is formed by someone, or someone(s)? For example, take America.

Everything that has started from the industrial revolution to the information era, all the presidents and wars and lies were used to create a large conspiracy. To hide the true awesome truth. Maybe also the question is that God doesn’t exist (although I truly do believe in God and His existence). That even the Westboro Baptist Church was created by a few people to brainwash many and control a whole country. Then that vast expand can conquer the world.

Ever felt like the world is forcing you to shape and that every thought you have is not in fact foolish, but honest. The world is forcing you to change and not notice the conspiracy’s existence. That even psychological explanations of denial were created to offset any imbalance of a secret being lost in the conspiracy.

I’ve felt like that. Maybe it is fate and my realization to it.

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