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Nothing, honestly….

gue–gu–*scratch*gues–*scratch**scratch* Guess Whoz Biz-ack!!!

Well back from my 2 month break, for I was worried about my education and too busy writing other people’s essays to concentrate on my own life and success…but hey isn’t everyone like that?…

Now on to the topic on hand. Ahmed forced me to become the Wednesday lord, so on my domain I press these holy words upon thou, unto them follow ye mortals:

There is nothing more to say!

What i mean by this statement is, our world is increasing in the blogosphere and internet galaxy’s ‘pundits’. Some are ‘stars’, shining brightly, able to achive a name and status, while others are ‘blackholes’, sucking up all the fun and brightness out of your life. Point is that our world is being taken over by news from the people who believe that their opinions are totally valid and need to comment on things that they may have no scope of interest in or any variable knowledge about.

Case-in-point: Twitter

Now i am all for expressing your thoughts. I do so too, especially when I yell out the window of my car at people while driving. But fellow readers, do we really need to inform everyone about what we are thinking? Yes, I know it’s voluntary. And yes, I know that it’s your own choice to read it or not. But why do people believe that their opinions have some form of merit for others and would love to know every single thing about them? Twitter is the biggets manifestation of Narcissism, and inflation of one’s Ego. I mean, personally I love the idea of being able to read people’s mind, but I don’t want to tread across someone twittering “Went to female doctor. Had nice sexy legs. Secretary a bitch. Doctor still too hot!! =D”

And I have read something like this, true story. Don’t belive me? Swear to God!

My general point is this: There’s too many opinions. We all go around stuffing people’s throat with our shackling thoughts. Well I for one have nothing to say to them. I started out this topic, with…well, nothing to say, and still have nothing to say. This shows that you don’t always need to say something all the time to be considered relevant. You just have to sometimes go with the flow, wherever it takes you. Just be open to things and sometimes go: “Hey! I don’t wanna know why you’re stuffing peanut butter down your pants. I am an individual, thank you very much!”

So to all these people who are bombarding the ‘information super highway’ with useless, pointless and even boring information I say : Cease and Desist

For this blog was created to acknowledge the society that has given us this method. Please, let’s all be smart and not go around spreading and reading others thoughts like teleknesis. Because if we could all do that, everone would be named a principal defendant in a class action law-suit by Marvel.

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