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How Video Games Will Boost The Economy

 As much as I want to say sometimes that the economy is in the shitter, the toilet, the creek whatever you want to call it. The video game industry will boost the economy at least that is my opinion on it. The games keep getting better, the effort put in by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo is improving. As well as the new thing on the horizon with OnLive, for those not familiar with it involves the connection to the internet to stream games right you your TV. It’s a small console all you need is an internet connection, (a decent one at that) and of course the television. Now that might be a failure, but Nintendo is looking to family related things to boost sales like the brand new DSi. Xbox and Sony are appealling with huge franchises.

 The new franchises (or new IP’s as called by companies) Will boost the economy with major game franchises being brought back or having sequels made to it. Like God Of War 3, Guitar Hero 5, Uncharted 2 all console franchises two of them being Sony and one being multiplatform. I love what companies are doing for consoles but I want to see a increase in the amount of handheld consoles and games being made. I own a DS, and I know a lot of friends who LOVE their DS’s. The library of games being made is slimmer compared to console games, and I know my friends would love to see a boost in the library of titles.

 Nintendo is trying a little blast from the past remaking Pokemon Silver and Gold for the DS (originally made for the Gameboy Color) which might work I personally loved Silver and look forward to playing the remake. I think that the new game franchises, and bolstering remakes will boost the video game sales. Therefore boosting the economy.

  1. May 16, 2009 at 11:26 AM

    OH SHI-
    No way.

    Gold and Silver for the DS?!
    Dam, I gotta go buy myself a new DS.
    Or, get a GB Colour from somewhere. I loved those versions, they were the dam best!

    Sam the Record Man is taking a huge hit to piracy and is now resorting to video games to make most of its lost market.
    They’re much harder to rip and burn than movies or CD’s. And everyone loves video games, there’s tons more for video games to accomplish, as the imagination never ends.

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