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The Weather Today

Today was a day to truly witness. Whether this was an awe inspiring experience caused by God’s anger, or just a phenomenon in nature (perhaps due to global warming), it was frightful. In a period of half an hour, thunder and lightning storms came together with a downpour of corpulent rain that made any being slumbering awaken immediately (including myself). Followed by such a downpour for about 10-15 minutes or so (increasing in strength, velocity, and volume every few minutes), eventually hail began to cross down from the Heavens. A diameter on average of 0.8-1.0 centimeters, it was simply a sound of small pebbles crackling against the windows.

For the last part of the storm, thunder, lightning, rain in enourmous aptitutes, and hail in great quantities came flying down with speed and number. Ice that could shatter any umbrella, wind that could wisp away any average creature, lightning that would catch anyone’s attention, thunder that would rock anyone’s would, this was a storm to fear. ’twas as if the storm would never end until all the clouds in the sky followed its “nature’s calling” and emptied their structure.

This storm occurred sometime after 8:30 AM (May 09, 2009) and ended very close to 9:00 AM (May 09, 2009). It is not as if such a storm has never occurred at a period before this one, but rather, in my lifetime no mediocre storm has become a hailing mini-death storm.

Only two and a half hours later, at 11:30 AM (May 09, 2009), the thunder, lightning, and rain came down once again. Luckily, this was normal rainfall with no pretentious premonitions. But it did not stop there for the day…

I heard an excellent (lame) joke on the radio. Thought I’d share.
“It’s raining cats & dogs outside! Be sure not to step in a ‘poodle'”!

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