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Trial – 1

I wrote a little story recently just because I was bored. It’s completely unrelated to me in anyway, and is utterly fictional. Character names came to me out of nowhere and I’m not even sure if I will continue this story. It is completely unedited so there will be errors, hopefully not a lot.

I might go on with it if I find out that indeed, it has potential.


*pant pant pant*
Policeman: Hey! You kids! Stop right there! I said stop!
Sonny: Here, turn this way!
Sebbe: Sonny, let’s split up!
Sonny: Got it!
At that moment I immediately took a left turn and left Sonny to take the right. Hahaha, as much as I’m pissed off at Sonny getting me in shi- again, I love this part of the game. Running. Running for my life.
After taking two lefts around an old run down building, I see Sonny up ahead, sweating like crazy.
Sonny: Whoo man! I think we lost him! O-oi, what are you doing? Stop!
I don’t stop running, I just tackle Sonny right there.
Sonny: Hahaha, hey hey, calm down, stop, hahaha.
Sebbe: Freaking Hell, Sonny! You’re going to get me killed one day!
Sonny: Look, I grabbed all of this, what did you get?
Sonny pulled a gold necklace and a few coins out of his pocket, the shimmer of them was beautiful.
Sebbe: I just got a few tickets we can sell and some coins. This should buy us food for a while.
We’re young thieves. We steal, so we can survive. This world that Sonny and I live in now, is privatized by the rich, they make the laws, they decree who gets what. Sonny and I are orphans, I met him two years ago in the basement of a demolished building. He was starving to death. Kids like us, we have no future, we do what we can to get by.
Sebbe: Hey, I’ll go buy us some food, you go and find out how the others are doing, all right?
Sonny: Yes, sir!
He saluted me and ran off, to see the other kids. They’re orphans as well, kids younger than us who lost their families in famine and war.
Sebbe: Today’s dinner is going to be fantastic!
I bought red snapper and some freshly baked bread for a change, at least we won’t have to break our teeth trying to chew it! I laughed audibly after telling myself that. An old Church where no one ever comes to anymore, is where we sleep. That is our home. Religion is dead in this world, with humanity losing it’s faith in everything, and surmounting it onto the greed of money. The building has a triangular shape, with a broken cross at the top and a window on each side of the triangle. A splinted door hangs in the middle, and I see a girl at the prime of her age standing there. Snow white skin, with long black hair, and cat-like eyes. With her white dress yellowing, it could be no other than Isabella.
Sebbe: Hey Isabella, help me with these. We need to prepare some dinner.
She doesn’t say a word, she just stares at me with a cold gaze.
Sebbe: Something the matter?
Isabella: ‘Something the matter?’! Is that what you’ve got to say! You went thieving again, didn’t you?!
Sebbe: What? Noooo.
I try to say that with as much innocence as possible. Isabella is a goody-toe-shoes. She’s one of the kids here who hasn’t lost her faith in God. Her father was a pastor before he was drafted into the war; she’s the reason why we stay here in the first place. She’s a year younger than me, and to the kids, she’s like their mother.
Isabella: Don’t try and fool me, Sonny already told me what you were doing!
Sebbe: That damned Sonny, boasting his mouth off again!
Although he was probably intimidated by Isabella to spill the beans anyways; can’t blame him, Isabella is one tough cookie.
Sebbe: All right, I’m sorry Izzy. Sonny and I thought that we could get some good food for a change so we had to do this. It’s for the kids.
Suddenly Isabella’s face flustered in anger. Uh-oh, I used a forbidden nickname.
Sebbe: Ow ow, my ears. Okay okay, I’m sorry!!
Isabella: Promise to me, you will never do this again. Ever.
Sebbe: Yes ma’am. I promise.
Isabella: Hmph! I give that promise a week at most.
She stomps back into the building and I guiltily follow her. It’s a dark place, with the only light coming from the stained windows high up on the sides of the walls.
Terri: Sebbe! Sebbe!
A high-pitched child-like voice calls to me, and it’s none other than Terri, a six year old girl who’s the cutest child I’ve ever laid eyes on, and the youngest of us all.
Sebbe: Hello, Terri! Glad to see me?
Instead of giving me a hug, she just goes through the bags I’m holding, looking for something interesting to eat; candy nonetheless.
Sebbe: Oi, you could ask you know…
Terri lost her parents due to disease, she was lucky to survive. All the kids here have an interesting story as to why they ended here. But to me, it’s a story I’ve heard many times before. In total there’s seven kids who live here; including me. I’m the oldest at 17. I’m just a scrawny kid with short black hair and a tanning complexion. I lost my father to war, and my mother to loneliness. Then there’s Isabella; the brooding mother of this place. The third oldest is Sonny, he’s 15, and the best friend I’ve ever had. He has bright orange hair, and the face of a monkey. He’s the biggest child among us all, always getting himself, or others, into trouble.
Next are the Leming twins, Harry and Barry. Born from a working class outside the country, they were abandoned by their parents when they were two; all they had were their names. They’re 11 years old and it’s downright impossible to tell one from the other except for their scarlike birth marks behind their ears. Blue eyes, blonde hair, you could say they’re coming out of a Nazi Germany era. Then there’s Ornella, who’s nine years old and a very quiet and shy girl. She’s always made fun of by the Leming twins. She’s got short brown hair and puffy cheeks that stand out over anything else. I don’t know her story, and she doesn’t seem to want to talk about it either; we just picked her up off the streets. But judging by the scarring I’ve seen on her body, she was probably abused by whoever took care of her. Then finally, there’s Terri.
We’re a family, we stick together, even if we’re not blood related. Each other is all we have, and we’ve learned to rely on each other, because the world isn’t out to try and help us.
Isabella: Ornella and Terri, could you help me set up the table please?
Terri: OKAY!
Ornella just shakes her head and his dragged by Terri.
Sebbe: Sonny, help me with the preparation of the fish.
Sonny: No way! That stinks!
Sebbe: Do you want something to eat tonight or not?
Sonny agrees by clenching his teeth and nodding.
Sebbe: Harry and Barry, could you find some firewood for us? Can’t have raw fish for food.
Harry: Sure you can! Only Barry would eat it though! Hahahaha!
Barry: Shut up, Harry!
Harry punches Barry and runs outside.
Barry: Hey! Wait up!
After some good hard work, we finally have dinner ready. Fish stew and bread to go along with it. This is honestly, the best dinner we’ve ever had in weeks.
Terri: Let’s eat!
Isabella: Hold on, Terri. First let’s say our prayers.
Terri pouts as soon as she hears that, she’s an impatient one.
Isabella: Thank you, God, for providing us with this food; amen.
Everyone: Amen.
Sebbe: Don’t eat too fast, you’ll choke!
After dinner it’s bedtime for the younger kids, and Isabella reads them a story to help them fall asleep. All the while, Sonny and I talk about our adventures that encompass everyday of our lives.
Sonny: Man, that officer was so fat; no wonder he couldn’t catch us!
Both: Hahaha.
Sebbe: You know, Sonny. I’m really glad I met you. I know you don’t show it, but you do your best to take care of us. Whenever any of us ever get depressed, you’re always there to keep us cheerful. Thank you.
Sonny: Aw, what’s with this sappiness? That’s not like you at all, Sebbe!
Sebbe: Haha, you’re right. Why don’t you go get some sleep? You’re already falling over.
Sonny: Please! I can stay awake longer than this! But *yawn*, I guess I will. Are you going to read me a bed time story?
Sebbe: Ha! Yeah right! Now go!
Sonny: G’night!
Sebbe: Good night.
As he leaves Isabella approaches me.
Sebbe: Are the kids asleep?
Isabella: Yes.
She speaks silently, so as to not stir even a deer in the fields. And silently sits beside me, resting her head on my shoulder.
Sebbe: I know you’re mad at me for today, but you know, I don’t want you and everyone else to eat the same old stale bread that comes from the trash. I can’t stand that anymore. I want to get out of here, to a brighter place where we don’t have to suffer in these conditions anymore. Hey… are you even listening?
I check on her and find that she’s asleep. Nope, she’s not listening. Isabella has such a beatiful face, that I wonder why a woman like her has to live here. Her mother is the mistress of an aristrocrat, and she always begs Isabella to live with her. But Isabella’s extremely stubborn, and hates her mother as she left her father as soon as he went to war. Eventually, even I fall asleep in the silence, only broken by the crackling of the fire and Isabella’s slow breathing. It seems she had a busier day than I did.

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