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I honestly hope I’m not double posting this one, that’d be sad!


When I wished,
Long ago,
I may not have been thinking straight.

I do not even remember,
Did I wish the whole wish,
Or just half.

For recently,
Half of my wish came true,
But the other half did not.

Or it all came true,
and I did not wish properly,
Whatever it may be.

It seems another one of my dreams,
Has come crashing down,
When I just got my hopes up.

I seem so empty,
Lost within the oblivion,
With only my longing.

I’m living like I’m lost,
Time and time again,
I’m caught up in the wind.

I wonder if I can make a new wish,
So all of it may come true.

If I can,
If it can be heard,
My wish…

… … … … her … … … existence … …,
… … … with … … … … … … me,
and … … … … together.

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