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Conflicker: The Life And Death

The fact of the matter is that the Conflicker virus that infected several computers yesterday was hardly a threat. The virus however will most likely pop up sometime in the near future after technical errors with it yesterday. The virus needed more operations it was basically calling for its masters. It pretty much showed little or no signs of causing mass havoc but has the potential to cause huge. It basically does the following:

  • Shuts down all Anti-Virus software
  • Exploits an old Windows Update (from 2007)
  • It can pretty much turn your computer into a spambot

I pretty much figured this would be a hoax or masively hyped up. Once I heard it was launching on April 1st (not even thinking about April Fools day) I thought it would be some plot involving the G-20 summit currently going on in London. I thought they might get media control, and things like that causing havoc. The fact is the interest generated way too quickly about a week ago. Now there is several stories swirling around, people claim that it is a single person behind the failed virus. But a lot of others believe only a group could of got the hype so fast.

Will they call to there masters next time?

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