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Swagger Right Now!

Phew..been a while since I posted last time..And I never thought that I’d write anything during this March Break due to my boredom induced writer’s block, but then something happend..

I happen to be watching one of my favourite programs ‘The Colbert Report’ on Thurday, March 19, and one of the segments brought up during that part was the ‘Rap Battle’ between Stephen Colbert and Republic National Convention Chairman & ‘Rush Limbaugh’s b*tch’ Michael Steele  (personally, if I was in his place, i’d have no choice either). See Steele has been infamously potrayed as wanting to ‘hip-hopify’ the Republican party to appeal to young minorty ‘urban suburban’ population. Taking that quote,  Colbert not only ran with it, he just flew.

Over the last couple of weeks he has been challenging Steele to a ‘Freestyle Battle Rap’ concerning core conservative principles, in order to promote his new image. Twice Steele has accepted his challenge in reports and interviews, but has failed to contact Colbert to arrange one.  So Stephen, frustrated, decided to hold the Rap battle that night.

And out of his pinstriped coat, came out a pinstriped hoodie and Colbert went into Eminem’s 8-Mile inspired ‘MC Mode’. And laid down a sick rhyme-fest. But since Steele didn’t show up to challenge him and had no rhymes of his own, Colbert’s editing staff decided to do it ‘for’ him by using his various interviews to put together his rap..

And trust me it literally is ‘OFF THE HOOK’..Even Colbert admited that ‘Steele won’!!

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