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AIG – I Thought You Were Good Guys!

Well apparently not. It’s funny how all these massacres of bailouts given to companies all ended up in the pockets of the private owners rather than the working taxpayers that kept the company afloat before stupidity allowed it to collapse. Around 70 employees were given more than $1 million dollars in bonuses to take home. To reiterate, bonuses. Not salary. Bonuses. Not that it matters so much, right?

In AIG’s fragile state, it still has the guts to payout millions of dollars to a small amount of people. With the highest pay being $6.4 million dollars. Oh, what companies I would cripple to make that much. The government in bailouts have given AIG $170 million in order to “persuade workers to stick around in its financial products unit.” – Cuomo details.

These bonuses have created an uproar and now lawyers are calling on AIG to take the money back or legislation would be introduced to force the money back.  Pretty absurd happenings going on right now. I’m not sure who to blame, the top officials of AIG or the government and it’s Treasurers?

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