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Silver Moon

As I stand here and watch the clouds sift away,
I see the moon, shining bright and silver,
This beautiful sight, which is of once in a lifetime,
Remains only for a moment.

This moment of beauty,
This moment is more than just sooty,
The image burns in my mind,
One that makes my heart skip a beat.

What a feat,
Why did I not see such ominous beauty earlier,
Rather than take a seat,
and watch everything pass away,

I require my camera,
To take a picture, which says a thousand words,
To capture the beauty,
Enjoy it truly.

I must capture this moment,
But the beauty shys me,
The nervousness causes me to run,
But the reason, causes me to stay.

Transfixed upon the image,
I do not know how much time is left,
But I hope the time lasts for a lifetime,
I hope the time allows me to achieve my new dream,

Of being with this amazing happiness,
Already, I feel so incomplete,
Knowing that my chances may diminish,
By every second, and may lose everything.

How shall I live,
When I will regret even more,
I am scared, that if I am involved too much,
The silver moon will retire back to the clouds.

Who is the one afraid here,
Me? The one who could possibly lose everything?
Or this beauty which would be afraid of me exploiting it?

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