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I wrote this a couple months back. It was basically me talking to myself. In a sense that, “me” is the person that is conscious and “myself” is the person or double personality that roams my mind day in and day out; and so this is the conversation that then erupted from that. It’s really weird and sci-fi and is confusing when read quickly. Those that may have studied psychology may know exactly what’s going on.  This is the topic called… happiness.


So what is it that you desire?
I don’t know.

Is there something you’ve always wanted?
Well yes, but it’s all been material.

Have you never tasted happiness?
I have.

What would make you happy?
I don’t know.

Look into yourself, what would make you smile forever?
I-I don’t know.

You see nothing?
I see nothing.

Would you like to have me?

Do you?
There was a time when I did. But you are no longer any worth to me.

Is that so? I cannot make you happy?
No you cannot.

Are so sure of that? I can fulfill all your desires.
Can you? Are you sure of that?

Yes I am.
Then why is that you threw me into inconceivable pain?

It was a test.
A test was it? A test that you failed?

This test was not aimed at me. it was aimed at you.
You fool, it was aimed at both of us.

I did not fail any test!
Ignorance has an end. You desired me.

You still want me don’t you?
I will only want you if you want me. Do you want me?

I do not want you.
Then you will never have me.

Do you not require happiness?
I have lived without inscrutable happiness, I can survive.

Do you have no desire to live?
I have every desire to live.

What is that desire?
To rule.

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