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Love Story, Happy.

We met after class

When I walked out

Just as I was about to pass

She gave me a shout

It was love at first sight

We walked home together

In the grey and foggy weather

She wasn’t much of a talker

But she was a walker

The time we kiss

It was like hit or miss

This worked out well

Neither of us going to hell

That night I became a man

It felt like my adrenaline had ran

The two of us were amazed

And even a little bit dazed

My life has just hit a new phase

I was engaged

Not even by text message or page

There was no book to my life

But I knew this girl would be my wife

We went on happier then ever

We never had to say never

Sometimes it got rough

But all marriages are tough

I lost my job

It felt like I had to sob

Then I saw her face

And the tears begun to disappear

It was like she was an ace

We lived through the bad

We lived through the sad

Oh all the fun times we had

Sometimes I got mad

But life was rad

  1. iheartfilm
    March 1, 2009 at 12:40 AM

    There was no book to my life

    I feel the same way sometimes.


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