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It’s Been Fun, Conan.

As many of you may know a 16 season reign over the Late Night will end tonight for Conan O’ Brien as Late Night with Conan O’ Brien has it’s final taping today. Honestly in my opinon I think Conan is the greatest host of a late night show currently. I really can’t argue with the past, but who knows. Conan will be replacing Jay Leno on the Tonight Show as Leno will move to one hour earlier at 10. Jimmy Fallon (Fever Pitch) Will take over the Tonight Show on March 3rd. It should be intresting to see how all of this pans out, Conan has had many special guests in the last week. With Jerry Seinfeld, the mayor of New York, and another one of my favorites in Stephen Colbert.

Conan has been tearing apart his set giving it to pieces of his audience, and the overwhelming chants he will get should be amazing. What makes it better is it sounds good in High Definition. Conan O’ Brien managed to capture the audience during the Writers Strike as one of the few shows that was on. It was hilarious to see Conan getting creative during it. As well as the fact that he had a fight with Stephen Colbert, and John Stewart combining three of my favorites to a ten minute skit (Amazing) I wish all the luck to Conan on the Tonight show, and to his replacement Jimmy Fallon. Thanks for the laughs, I hope you continue them.

  1. February 21, 2009 at 1:38 AM

    aww i just missed it.
    and i love the conan/stewart/colbert skit
    sweetly awesome

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