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First Blog Post

 This is my first post here on The Random Muses it would of come earlier had I.. didn’t have internet connection problems. But anyways this is a song from my vault (or my external HDD) It is about a man who believes death is coming and then at the end he realizes he’s been dead all along. He comes reborn and says “He’s dead” All that was before him was a fantasy, I like to write songs and I have included chorus tags on here. 

Laying around the toilet
The clutch on my life is growing weak
As my like becomes mystique.
I wish I could just go home
Instead of roam in this alcohol induced zone
The stars in the night, give me away
As my day of reckoning has come

I can’t escape from this
It’s coming to get me
The light, the darkness
Or the plain identity of the earth
What is my life worth?

[CHORUS] [x2]
I’ve had one too many
And its time to say
Today might be my last day


I tried to walk away from it all
But I stumbled and fumbled
Into the wall, and I had to crawl
To avoid the fall

Whether it be grace
Or a punch in the face
That comes next
I know the cold hand of death
Is coming to get me
[CHORUS] [x2]
I’ve had one too many
And its time to say
Today might be my last day


A word to the wise
Leave my body unburied
Until the dead can rise
And take bad their mistakes

All their fakes
I’m dead, and no one thought
That’s what I said

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