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The Lonely Island – Incredibad

Okay for those who know what The Lonely Island is..I’ve got a treat for you…And for those who are still under a rock somewhere, listen up: The Lonely Island is a group comprising of SNL’s Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone, who are a comedy trio…performing skits such as Digital Shorts and various other hilarious material….

One of their biggest outsource is an album called Incredibad….a comedy album, featuring various guestes, such as T-Pain, Julian Casablancas, even Natalie Portman and many more…

I, after countless searches, the album having been released, for you especially found the link..so go ahead enjoy it…I’m still gonna buy a hard copy of this, because it ROCKS..definately worth the HMV trip 😀

  1. “Who Said We’re Wack”
  2. “Santana DVX” (featuring E-40)
  3. “Jizz In My Pants”
  4. “I’m On A Boat” (featuring T-Pain)
  5. “Sax Man” (featuring Jack Black)
  6. “Lazy Sunday” (featuring Chris Parnell)
  7. “Normal Guy” (interlude)
  8. “Boombox” (featuring Julian Casablancas)
  9. “’Shrooms” (interlude)
  10. “Like a Boss”
  11. “We Like Sportz”
  12. “Dreamgirl” (featuring Norah Jones)
  13. “Ras Trent”
  14. “Dick In A Box” (featuring Justin Timberlake)
  15. “The Old Saloon” (interlude)
  16. “Punch You in the Jeans”
  17. “Space Olympics”
  18. “Natalie’s Rap” (featuring Natalie Portman and Chris Parnell)
  19. “Incredibad”



(The new link!)

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