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The Real American Psycho, Please Stand Up!

Just a bit of brief info, then enjoy it yourself….

By now most of you already know that the fourth movie installment in the Terminator franchise is in mid-production. The star of this one is Christian Bale (Batman Begins, Dark Knight) who plays a grown up John Connor.  Well, the movie was going along smoothly and production was well under control, untill Shane Hurlbut, director of photography, walked onto the middle of a very emotional scene, idly, and Bale just lost it….

[This clip contains profanity, verbal abuse and the use of the F-word…..a whole, whole lot! Discretion is advised]

Now I have two things I should say before I give my personal opinion. 1) I am a Bale fan and though I agree the late Heath Ledger stole the Dark Knight for himself, Bale still held his own, enough to atleats not be panned. And 2) Christian Bale is a student of the school of Method Acting, whereby an actor embodies not only the character he is playing,  but the thought process itself, which results in him “becoming the character'”.

Now my point is that yes, Bale was very abusive and yes he did go overboard, but then again think about it. What will he do if a person walks onto the middle of one of THE most important scenes of the movie.? And it is reported that he already warned Mr. Hurlbut before to avoid doing something improper. I know some of you guys will say that ‘okay, he should have been angry, but not blow away at the guy’ but let me remind you. If you’re in the middle of something very, very important to you (your job, exam etc) wouldn’t you be angry? And let’s face it, everyone, including I, have at one point or another gone of the edge and assaulted someone with our tongue. If this was a random incident, one would really see this as something of the norm, but the fact that Bale is famous, makes him an easy target.

Yes, I sound like a fanboy (which i SSSSOOOO am not) and yes that as a professional, Bale was out of line, but is that all there is to that? Just visualize, that after a hard day of work, with tremendous pressure and expectations upon you (the shadow of Arnold) will you not get angry when someone ruins your day…

Your decision and opinion of him, I guess, will still be upto you ofcourse. But lets face it…how many will actually not pay $10 to see Terminator Salvation? I think we chalk this one up as Bale: 1 Crew: 0

And remember……Lo que usted leer es lo que pienso…..Ahora fetch conmigo el documento esclavo!!!

  1. theafterlifeproject
    February 5, 2009 at 3:22 PM

    The crew member had it coming, he didn’t appreciate Bale’s style of acting. Besides Bale’s acting job in American Psycho automatically makes up for this.


  2. February 5, 2009 at 3:46 PM

    I LOL’ed 🙂
    I think he was overreactive, but if the next Batman movie is good, I will pardon him.

  3. February 6, 2009 at 3:20 AM

    there are a few youtube remixes of Bale’s tantrum that are ridiculously funny

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