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So this little piece of poetry was inspired to me by the knowledge of knowing that a good friend of mine twisted herself up in life and well… she forgot me in the process – completely. I tried to bring myself into existence once again, but it was a futile effort as if I was purposely forgotten.

This little writing, I wrote a couple months ago. So I’m unsure if it’s complete or unfinished. But I guess I’d throw it out here anyways since it’s been over a week since the last post. Not a lot happening in the world right now!


Everytime I pass that corner,
I think about how you lived there.

I think about how we played there,
How could you have forgotten me.

Although I’ve been near you the whole time,
You became lost.

Am I just a small insignificant instance in your memory,
Where has that memory of yours gone.

Oh my love,
Won’t you awake from this time lapse?

Oh my love,
Won’t you awake from this death-like instance?

Please will you remember me once again,
I do not want to become a void in your memory.

I do not want to be the snapshot in your photo album,
Remember me for I do not want to be still.

My name is … … …,
We went to … … … together.

Dam how could you remember those guys,
Who am I that you’ve forgotten.

Just another piece of the puzzle,
That even if it is gone – it is of no importance to the structure.

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