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Agreed, Accomplishment is a Possibility

Or rather, as the rest of the world knows it; “Yes, we can”.
I’m sure it’s not a complete understatement to regard today, January 20th, 2009, as the day on which a new plateau has been surmounted. Unless you’ve been completely impervious to the massive floods of media related to this topic, you know, and most likely have your own views on, the inauguration of one Barack Hussein Obama to presidency of the United States of America. Now I do realize that this post that officially whisks away my blog virginity, will be lost in that flood of related media, but it isn’t every day that you are around to witness such a groundbreaking event, so I guess that my passing through the threshold of digital adulthood, will have to be content with not basking in the limelight for now. The fact that America awarded Obama with such a clear and decisive victory in the November election made it nothing less than crystal clear that the time for a different direction, a different perspective was at hand. Now the surprising thing to most of us is that he managed to pry some predominantly Republican states from the apparently cold, dead fingers of traditional Republican views, this in itself proves that “Obama-mania” is not entirely the offspring of his African-American heritage. As Neil Postman once recounted his father saying; “An educated voter does not concentrate upon the party itself, or even the candidates running for said party, but rather the stance the parties take on the issues.” I for one completely agree with this viewpoint, as it doesn’t matter to me how hyped up the politician is. While it doesn’t matter to me, I can definitely say that there has been a lot of gravitation towards the Demoratic party that is due to the way the politician is portrayed, for instance even if McCain ran an airtight campaign, he would still have the stale winds of George Bush’s presidency rocking his vessel; even with this though nothing put his ship under faster than a rogue iceberg that broke off from the northernmost state of Alaska, of course, Alaskan Senator Sarah Palin (Or would that be an insult to icebergs?). But I digress, for the issue at hand is that of the opposite end of the political spectrum.

I’m sure you don’t have to look to me to tell you that Barack Obama officially becoming the President of the United States of America, is a pretty awesome thing, you’ve got your Obama themed cellphones, trading cards and T-shirts. To sum it up, you KNOW already, this is pretty awesome, 19000+ hits on Digg can’t lie. The first person that comes to my mind when I hear how charismatic Obama is, would have to be Pierre Elliot Trudeau (if my nationality was ever questioned, I think the answer is clear now). Trudeau was the young Prime Minister of Canada, who gained adoring fans, drove fast cars, and held company with women who were just as “fast”. But while eminating pure, unadulterated charisma, he was still down-to-earth enough to go on an evening stroll regularly. That is my idea of a perfect Prime Minister, and that idea lives on in President Barack Obama. Sure, instead of having fast cars, beautiful women and a foul mouth; he has a family, a dog, and plays basketball, but who’s to argue? There’s just something about Barack Obama that writes the Holy Bible of Charisma, and I for one, do not see any problem with it. If there is an example of a freon-cool middle-aged person who holds legitimate responsibility, there is none better than Barack Obama.

Not many adults could come off THIS cool.

Not many adults could come off THIS cool.

  1. January 20, 2009 at 11:02 PM

    This post was freaking sim cash.
    Yay, Daniels blog virginity has been lost 😀

  2. sukhwinder singh flora
    February 18, 2009 at 5:32 PM

    wow dan dan, you write reaaaaaalllllyyyy good!

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