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I’m simply writing this post to dedicate the people around the world, in NGO’s big and small, that risk their lives everyday to save the lives of others. These true, real-life heros risk their lives in disease trodden areas and war torn countries where rebels with guns still run amock. We, all of us including myself, are complete cowards in the face of such people.

Even stronger people than these selfless volunteers are the people living in famine and disease themselves. They endure pain for everyday of their life, many of them have children they cannot feed.

I am appalled to hear all the time that the money that we the people donate, does not always go to help the people in need. Amounts of 20 to 40 cents of every dollar, 20-40% of the money we donate is the only amount that goes to help.  Living in a developed world, where there is luxury everywhere, we do not even think about the people suffering in the world, let alone the people that suffer from homelessness and starvation in our own country!

I don’t mean to sound like a hypocrite, but I normally do not give donations, unless the donation I am giving is into the hands of the person who needs it. I refuse to give away my money knowing that most of it is going into some greedy bastards pocket.

And donating is not the problem anymore. There is lots of money being given, which I am pleased about. But the problem is that the aid that is bought with the money that is LEFT does not properly reach the people. For example, places such as Sudan, or Ethiopia, the people are not getting all they can get. Because rebels and governments refuse to  allow aid to get through. For one, rebels will most likely steal supplies for themselves in the radical belief that they are helping their people with a civil war. At the same time, because of this, governments of disease trodden and warring countries do not allow aid in.

We’re not doing enough. Even I realize that I never do enough. If I was to drop out of school, and runaway from home, I’d still be living in a luxurious life compared to other’s in this world. Because I had a choice. Most of the people suffering don’t have the slightest bit of choice, and that is truly upsetting.

I am just glad that even though I am such a worry-free and cowardly human being, there are others who are actually doing something. They are Doctor’s Without Borders,  Amnesty International, aid workers, and many more. Kudos to them, they are true heros. I sincerely wish all of them, the best of blessings and hope that even their will remains strong, and that they inspire others.

Thank you.

  1. Karavancask
    January 19, 2009 at 2:00 PM

    I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too…

  2. January 20, 2009 at 4:10 PM

    What other side?

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