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Dear Haters…..

Dear Haters,

My life is something that I value. Knowing how much tears will flow for if my life is lost, i protect it with all my force. But imagine when I learn that when others lose theirs, there are haters out in the big ol’ world who think its not that much of a pragmatic effect….isnt that very surprising?!
Let me put it in laymen’s terms:
See lately i have been hearing the word ‘Hating’ a lot. It may be because of all the rap and hip-hop consumption that has brought out this neo-progressive term in the open. ‘Hating’, my civil, non-urban friends, means to not like someone’s actions, to undermine them, simply out of ignorance or pure spite….To rappers it means to diss/insult each other. But to me, in this modern repressive world it means to “stop progress”.
See i’ll make it even more simpler. All you people who disapprove of campaigners like me and Masy, who are supporting Palestine, are ‘Haters’
Because you simply don’t know what our cause is about and still judge us like were anti-Semitists, which I can assure you we clearly are not. And then you judge Hamas based on what you hear on the media……Did you get it???!!!

It’s all about the explanation. See when the operation was launched 2 weeks back, the US’s message to Hamas regarding this was something along the borderline of “I told you so”. So when a poverty ridden Muslim country is being attacked by a western-backed country, its obviously the muslim nations’s fault, because they are barbaric by nature so they MUST have instigated this.

Therefore, this to all those people:
How do YOU know how much money the government uses and in what ways. Did you see Palestine’s figures? Where you there? Did Hamas announce their budget publicly? Did the Israeli government show you concrete proof of this? The answer: NO!
All you learned was what the media told you. And then you turn around and blame the same media for reporting fiction and spinning stories for their own gain

Just an hour back I read that Israeli forces launched missiles at 3 different tv stations. Why would they do that? So that people can’t be told to ‘stay strong, and stay hidden’ or ‘instructions on how to get to safety, or how to get food, shelter and aid.’ Wow..that’s how you get terrorists hunh? By starving and depraving poor citizens caught in the middle. Look, I am definately not approving of Hamas’ regular actions, but I am not anti-protection and that’s what this is about! People should think about it before they do something as idiotic as calling out a group defending their land as the aggressors. And BTW….why wouldn’t Hamas launch rockets into Israel, when Israeli forces regularly raid their side and steal their land, lives and resources.
Get your facts corrected and then go support the right side!

In conclusion my dear haters, if you dont know the true unity of us, who have realized that this masscre is not a self-inflicted wound, then know that we have gathered for many protests. I suggest you visist one of these Do you think millions of people across the world are right, or is an Alliance claiming to be saviours right?. I know my answer, because I am already going to my second one in Toronto (Canada) on Saturday. So therefore live, let live and most importantly think!

Yours sincerely,
L’ Via

  1. January 10, 2009 at 12:06 AM

    I must say that I disagree with this just a tad bit.
    Sorry to say this, but the media does sometimes have the smallest amount of truth.
    There is literally blame on each side. Of course more on one side than the other, but nonetheless each side is guilty of some blame.
    For this sort of conflict, there will never be one simple solution or anytime of peace.
    Neither side wants the other to survive.
    Nice start to the post though, I like that 🙂

  2. L' Via
    January 10, 2009 at 12:11 AM

    Hey hey
    I agree that there is some truth in the media
    But let’s not forget….at the end of the day
    Who really controls the networks in NA and Europe..the middle easterners or the western tycoons?..so think about that man
    But i do agree that there is always two sides to the coin..however only one side can be face up !!

  3. L' Via
    January 10, 2009 at 12:12 AM

    BTW..since im at the protest…we can work only after im done..thats after 3..hope you’re cool with that!

  4. January 10, 2009 at 12:25 AM

    Oh dude.
    Which protest are you heading to?

    The one on Bloor?

    Since we won’t be back until around that time.
    Well, I should be back by around 3, so meet at the library at 3:30 PM sharp. We’ll work there for a bit, and then we’ll go work at my place or something.

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