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Brand New Author!

Yeah yeah, no new posts… and so forth.

Sorry; it’s exam time and I have tons of projects to work on for school so I literally do not have time on my hands. Like I’m eating and studying at the same time.

I never do that. Do you? Anywho.

I’d like to welcome Tevin Pilgrim who is moving from  http://tevinp.wordpress.com/ . Now I’m not sure how long he’d like to stay with us or what he’ll be concentrating on but… what the heck; the more the merrier right?

So treat him well and… let’s see how it goes. And again I will apologize if you see me M.I.A. for about three weeks or so without any posts, but I will try my hardest to get something on here. I’m actually working on a short post when I’m bored in class 🙂

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  1. Tevin
    January 9, 2009 at 12:20 AM

    Hey thanks for the introduction, like it says on my blog, i write about things that leave an lasting impression on me and leave me thinking. Like this York Strike for example i am very surprised it is still going, at this point it is obvious that the strike isn’t abut the students but the schools own selfish gain. The refuse to talk because they all know that even while on strike they are still getting paid, if they weren’t do u think this would still be going? I am very impressed with the commitment from the York students to be able to get back to class and to have use for the money they spent for this education. While being cheated out of reading week, march break and now their summer, i was planning to transfer to york next year but cause of this i have lost my confidence in them. Well that’s just what i think about this joke of a strike.

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