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Israel and Palestine = Bloodshed

I’ve been reading articles like the following for a few days now. No, for years; but now it is turning even worse.


I am completely against the state of Israel. All right, perhaps not completely but go ahead, call me anti-Semitist, or pro-terrorist. I am not either. I am against a people taking over the homeland of another. I am tired of every single day, hearing about the bloodshed that occurs against Isreal and Palestine over and over again. Both sides do not understand anything and the Western media does not help but incite hatred towards the Palestinians who have been living in their homeland since the dawn of human beings. This is before Judaism and the Jews ever existed.

Israel vows to sweep Hamas? This is simply a cover up to get rid of people who are fighting for a cause they think is right; but do we, the outsiders even understand the losses of life unrelated to Hamas will be? No we do not. But I have no doubt that Israel will again bomb innocent women and children living in poverty in Palestine. When it comes to war and other types of battles, human beings do not care about innocent lives; they will go for whatever can be killed.

First, I can’t help but be angry and the United Nations for their pathetic League of Nations standbys allowing Israel to forcefully take over Palestinian land. Second,  I am sick and tired of hearing Israel call “anti-Semitism” on anything that talks against the state of Israel. For a fact, the Western media and the Israeli whining has been criticizing Iran’s words as “hatred against the Jews”, which is a completely baseless lie. Everything that has been said by the Iranian President has simply been against the state of Israel and has nothing to do with the Jewish people themselves.

Back to the topic on hand. No one seems to understand why at all Hamas is lobbing rockets at Israel in the first place. Israel has taken up the majority of land that is fertile and has the majority of clean water dispensible to them while Palestine lives in poverty because their land was stolen from them. Israel is simply tucking behind American foreign affairs and now is vowing to take a go ahead and cause a genocide of Palestinian people. Israel claims that killing almost 400 people a day is to topple Hamas. This is simply nuts! How is this in anyway going to stop a group that uses terrorist activities to gain support against ANOTHER terrorist organization? It simply causes bloodshed on each side with no truce in sight.

Such a truce has been wished for decades now and it is still not arriving because Western monopoly and nosing in with Middle East affairs is causing everything to crumble and be destroyed. “Islamists”? What kind of term is that? This is pretty much a brand new term coined to pinpoint “Islamic terrorists”. Hello? A terrorist is a terrorist, there is no specific type of terrorist as every terrorist uses the same means to get a certain goal achieved. Hamas is the current  majority government of Palestine; this is an Israeli government attack against another government; nothing more than murder for selfish gains.

“Along Gaza’s borders, the Israeli military continued to muster tanks and troops in preparation for a ground offensive that many fear would plunge the strip — home to 1.5 million Palestinian refugees — into even more bloody chaos.”

Excuse me? Are you seriously going to kill and injure and force people who already have nothing to suffer even further than they have? It is my complaint that the world does not realize what kind of luxury Israel lives in while Palestine lives in the filthiest state known to man. After all, Palestine isn’t getting military secrets and nuclear technology as well as military armaments delivered to them. Arab countries that have tried very hard to bring peace between Hamas and the Zionists are again calling Israel to stop this genocide; yet no response of a ceasefire has occurred.

This is nothing, nothing but pure murder and it needs to stop. It needs to stop starting from an individual to the whole world to stop this. Too many people have been suffering for so long. I very well try to be neutral in this whole facade, but when see different views and hear unbiased reports of what’s going on, I very well lean to the Palestinian side even though I strongly disagree with their methods as well. As a repeat, I am not anti-Semitist, I am simply against the state of Israel and what its actions is producing.

  1. Chazz K.
    January 31, 2009 at 12:12 AM

    This is a terrible article. Arabs didn’t know how to cultivate the “fertile land” until the Jews arrived. They were malaria-infested swamps. Arabs also weren’t even called “Palestinians” until the creation of the state of Israel. And to add to the fact that the Jewish people lived on this land for thousands of years before the Arabs came and forced them with the sword. And what of Palestine’s international aid?

    • January 31, 2009 at 12:36 AM

      Perhaps I’m not in the place to say this, but don’t you think your view is extremely biased?
      Not to mention, your history is terribly wrong. You really need to read up from good sources on this.
      “The Sword?” Gosh, don’t tell me you’re another brainwashed rightwing nut.
      Most of Palestine’s international aid doesn’t even get through. Especially when Israel is shooting the doctors that are just trying to help.

  2. February 9, 2009 at 8:50 PM

    very true about palestine. i only wish i could help them in a way.

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