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Not to me of course. Since this place runs free =d

Donate to Wikipedia rather, as it is a free place of information from all around the world on millions of different topics. I think that everyone should donate even the smallest amount to this Internet encyclopedia giant. The information is free and by volunteers, not your stuck up Yale professors etc.

There are no advertisements and the home page of Wikipedia always has interesting information that is updated much more regularly than this blog!

Wikipedia completely changes how information is travelling through the Internet; although the information may not be considered credible for major papers, it is always worth taking time out to read the information that only helps build knowledge.

I donated my little bit to help Wikipedia, and I hope you do too.


Oh come on, I’m just a student who runs a blog… Do your part too!

Just click here:

Donate to Wikipedia

P.S.: Don’t worry… I’m going to sleep  right after this.

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