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First of all, I apologize that this post is mountains late. I’ve just been very busy and couldn’t get this post out.

Anywho. I want to talk about Dion and the Liberal leader position. Dion has been the center of terrible criticism with the loss of the election and the talk about the coalition government. His own Liberal party desires to oust him out of position; and Dion, the kind hearted man he is agrees. He told his party that until another leader is decided for the Liberal party, he will lead until then.

And the Liberal party is just so desparate to get Dion out, they begin looking for an heir. Last week, two potential strong Liberal party members stepped down from the campaign to allow Michael Ignatieff to rule the plate. One of them includes Bob Ray, who wanted a challenge with Ignatieff but was not able to do so with the support of the other member sent to Ignatieff. Now, as there is no contender  against Michael, he is undoubtedly the new Liberal party leader, leaving Dion to pack up his things and, well… Get out!

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